The Pet Detective for Missing Cats

How do you find a lost cat? With many shelters closed to the public and neighbors not answering the door, the challenges finding a missing cat in 2020 can feel overwhelming.


When my own cat, Mr. Purr was lost in 2008, I remember the panic, the worry, and the extreme stress. I also remember the lack of support.


I did find my cat, but learned many hard lessons along the way.

Now, 8 years later, finding lost cats is all I do. This is why I've created my tips materials and methods to teach owners the top tricks, tools, and strategies I use to find lost cats. 


Because finding missing cats is my full-time job, I've been able to focus & refine my strategies over the years, always updating my techniques and tips.

After 8 years of real-life pet detective experience, you could say I've got it down to a science.

How to Find a Lost Cat book video

My boots-on-the-ground  "pet detective" techniques are a combination of various skills that all come to gether to find missing cats. It's part cat psychology, part wildlife tracking, and probability deduction plus years of solving actual  lost cat cases, and finding key high-tech tools and equipment.

If you have a lost cat, you may have already tried the typical lost dog advice or fallen for the many myths about getting a missing cat back home. When none of these work, lost cat owners realize they need a real pet detective.

Although I was trained as a pet finder (full spectrum  MAR pet detective) for lost dogs, cats, birds, horses, and even ferrets, my niche specialty has been lost kitties for 8 years and counting.

As a result, I'm now known as "the Cat Detective" and specialize in only lost cat cases.


On-site lost cat services are on hold due to Virus but personal coaching is available to special cases who have already covered the basics from my "How to Find a Lost Cat" Search guides..

Losts cats found...Happy reunions & testimonials

If you need proof of my value, check out the smiling faces of people I've performed miracles for all over the world, or for details, visit my  reunions page to get the full scoop.  You'll find happy endings for lost kitties found after weeks, months, and even years. Inspiring!

New ways to find lost cats based on 8 yrs of actual boots–on–the–ground pet finder experience.

My lost cat finder techniques may seem unusual at first. Some may even go against a lot of the lost cat tips you've heard.  Just try them and you'll realize how much you did not know. Even better, you'll triple the chances of getting your missing cat back home.


This booklet + video has gotten thousands of lost kitties found after the owners had tried all the typical old advice like offering putting out food and kitty litter, big rewards, posting on all over social media and Pawboosting like crazy.


It was these new pet detective tips that finally got their lost cats found.


Try my techniques. I can promise you they are worth way beyond $25 to get your cat back home.


The latest tips and discoveries on finding lost cats written by the expert in lost cat recovery.

  • Smart new techniques proven to triple the chances of finding lost kitties.
  • Updated for 2020 lost cat tips  on instant download.

  • How to find an indoor lost cat vs a missing outdoor cat.

  • New discoveries from the world expert in lost cat recovery.

  • PLUS

  • Top 5 tips for an escaped indoor-only cat.

  • Over 92% lost cats were found using these techniques and discoveries.

  • Because when it comes to finding a missing cat... the more you know, the better your chances.

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CBS Morning News 
The Cat Detective featured on the news after cat Menchi was found. Topic: Pet Detective Kim Freeman talks about "How to Find Lost Cats" along with Henry, her "Bloodhound pet tracking" cat.

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