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​Lost Cat Finder Pet Detective

How do you find a lost cat? With all the crazy advice and missing cat tips you see on Facebook, it seem totally overwhelming.


Maybe you've tried the typical lost cat advice: "Put up lost cat posters. Put out dirty kitty litter. Check the shelters. Hire a lost pet finder tracking dog." Rarely do any of these work on lost cats. 


Finding lost cats is all I do, and I've become very good at it. I know what works. I have the experience with hundreds of lost cats found. After nearly ten years of real-life pet detective cases, you could say I've got it down to a science.


Here are 3 ways I can help you find your lost cat:


Hire me to come find your lost cat in person. My pet detective "boots-on-the-ground" service gives you my instant lost cat tips video & e- booklet, a complete case analysis and strategy plan  plus me and my special lost cat finder search equipment on the scene to find your missing cat.


Once I have the details on your missing kitty, I prep a strategy to find your lost cat interviewing your neighbors, assessing clues in their yards, garages, sheds, outlining the highest probability zones, creating lost cat posters and flyers--basically doing everything possible to find your lost cat whether you're at home, at work or traveling.


Long-distance lost cat searches are available in most US states and 17 countries worldwide, so if you want to bring me out to find your missing cat, check here for details and soonest availability.



This Lost Cat consult option is for owners who want custom targeted help after they've watched my tips video

 "How to Find a Lost Cat."


Your Lost Cat consult will include an analysis of your missing cat case, a strategy plan of action with custom lost cat posters and flyers, plus a detailed satellite map outlining the key search zones where I think your cat will be found.


The facts needed for this analysis and strategy are on the Lost Cat Profiling sheet at the Lost Cat Report page.


A fresh perspective from a lost cat expert may be the key to getting your lost cat back home. 


For personal coaching to find your lost cat, check here for details and soonest availability.

How to Find a Lost Cat book video

Triple the chances of finding your lost cat with the most successful tips for finding lost cats from a real life pet detective.


This on-demand video comes with a photo  booklet of new Lost Cat Finder techniques on

"How to Find a Lost Cat."


The tips and tricks in this video gives you the latest  discoveries and tricks to get your lost cat found fast. .


For details on the Lost Cat Finder tips and topics covered, check the table of contents on the  Lost Cat Tips page or just buy now for $25 to get both the DVD and booklet delivered to your email instantly.


lost cat found Testimonials
pet detective Austin
Lost cat reunion Shenwen.JPG
Reunion Testimonials

Visit my Reunions page to see examples of how well my coaching has worked from lost cat owners all over the world.

Happy reunion stories of lost cats found after weeks, months and even years. Inspiring!

Lost Cat Coaching

Every case is different just like every cat is different. My help can make all the difference between a lost cat and a found cat. Let's work together to get your lost cat back home.

Lost Cat Tracking

My cats-only "pet detective" techniques combine lost cat psychology, wildlife tracking, years of lost cat cases, plus some pretty cool high-tech tools and equipment.



How can a DVD help you find your lost cat?


  • New tips gleaned from data on hundreds of lost cat cases translated it into one clear, simple, search guide for indoor and outdoor cats.

  • Both Tips Guides are 100% Guaranteed, which means you can try my advice with nothing to lose. Use my techniques to  get your cat found or your money back.

  • When it comes to finding a lost cat, the more you know, the better your chances.

Using Science to find Lost Cats

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Yes, my methods may seem unusual. Just try them. You have nothing to lose because in the next two weeks of November, I'm offering a guarantee on my Lost Cat guides. If your missing cat is not found within 30 days, I will give you a full refund. 
That's how much I want skeptical cat owners to try my techniques--so more lost kitties are found and reunited with their families.
CBS Morning News 
The Cat Detective featured on the news after cat Menchi was found. Topic: Pet Detective Kim Freeman talks about "How to Find Lost Cats" along with Henry, her "Bloodhound tracker cat."
famous pet detective in the news

Kim & Henry

the sniffer Search Cat

Famous pet detective with bloodhound cat