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​Lost Cat Finder : the pet detective for lost cats only

How do you find a lost cat? With all the old wives tales and bad advice from friends on Facebook, it can feel so overwhelming.

Finding lost cats is all I do. I know what works. With nearly ten years of real-life pet detective experience, you could say I've got it down to a science.


How would you like me to find your lost cat?

How to Find a Lost Cat book video
lost cat found Testimonials

Get instant lost cat advice from a lost cats-only pet detective. The professional tips in the "How to Find a Lost Cat" video and ebook give you a huge advantage in your lost cat search. Triple the chances you will find your missing cat.

Get the DVD & booklet delivered instantly to your email so you can start using these new tips and techniques right away.

Become of the hundreds of  happy reunions of lost cat found using my guidance and tips.

Reunion Testimonials

Visit my Reunions page to see examples of lost cats I've found all over the world.

Happy reunion stories of lost cats found after weeks, months and even years. Inspiring!


Lost Cat Advice & Coaching

is for owners who want custom  help after going through 

 "How to Find a Lost Cat."

Custom coaching is often the key to getting your lost cat back home. Just get me the facts on your lost cat via my 

Lost Cat Report page.


To schedule custom coaching to find your lost cat, check here for details and soonest availability.

Are you ready for the lost cat pet detective to come out and find your lost cat in person? My "boots-on-the-ground" service means you get everything, from the booklet and video, to the full profiling analysis and me coming out in person, doing absolutely everything possible to find your lost cat whether you're at home, at work or traveling.


In-person lost cat cases are available in most US states and 17 countries worldwide, so if you  me to come find your missing cat, check here for details and soonest availability.

pet detective Austin
Lost Cat Coaching

Every case is different just like every cat is different. My help can make all the difference between a lost cat and a found cat. Let's work together to get your missing cat back home.

Lost cat reunion Shenwen.JPG
Lost Cat Tracking

My cats-only "pet detective" techniques combine lost cat psychology, wildlife tracking, years of lost cat cases, plus some cool and helpful high-tech tools and equipment.



Expert tips to find your lost cat

Teaching new better ways to find Lost Cats

Yes, my methods may seem a little unusual. Just try them and you'll triple the chance of getting your cat found and sending me a Thank you letter!
Thousands of lost cats have been found by owners who invested only 30 minutes of their time to learn my techniques. Even after offering a $500 reward, it was my insider info and tips that got their lost cat back home to them!
Try my techniques or ask me to teach you in person. Together we can get more lost kitties found and reunited with their families.

  • New tips gleaned from hundreds of lost cat cases condensed for one easy-to-follow search guide for indoor and outdoor cats.

  • Both Search Guides are 100% Guaranteed, which means you can try my advice with nothing to lose.

  • Use my techniques and triple the chance of finding your lost kitty.

  • Even if just one tip gets your lost cat found, it will be worth it.

  • To find a lost cat, the more you know, the better your chances.

famous pet detective in the news

Kim & Henry

the sniffer Search Cat

CBS Morning News 
The Cat Detective featured on the news after cat Menchi was found. Topic: Pet Detective Kim Freeman talks about "How to Find Lost Cats" along with Henry, her "Bloodhound pet tracking" cat.