The Lost Cat Kit

Get this digital download for the latest lost cat recovery strategies and save yourself days of heartache and mistakes. The complete kit includes the How-to search guides, video tutorial, lost cat flyer templates, the Emergency checklist, and a short demo of how to use key lost cat gear.

Are you ready for some new methods to find your missing cat?

You've probably been through the typical "lost cat tips" like calling, shaking treats, putting out food, kitty litter, notifying shelters, vets and the usual posting all over social media.

As you've seen, these old methods rarely work for cats. Consider a new approach based on scientific methods based on cat psychology-- tested in the real world and refined for each different cat personality. 

Use the right strategy and you'll triple the chances of finding your lost cat.

The updated 2022 edition of the "How to Find a Lost Cat Kit" gives you the quick rundown on which lost cat finder technique to use for your cat's personality and situation.

Try these tips and tricks.  With the lost cat tips guarantee, you  have nothing to lose but your cat.


Part 1

How to find a lost Indoor cat vs outdoor cat.

Top 3 tricks to get your cat to return home

Five things to do within first 48 Hours

Lost cat personality types

Recovery steps for each type of cat.

Part 2

Myths and misinformation

What NOT to Do and how to undo the mistakes.

Grief avoidance & tunnel vision

When NOT to use search parties

How to focus past the panic

The dangers of cookie-cutter advice

Wildlife, coyotes, stray cats and food fights

Why the 10th night is key for lost cats.

Part 3

Finding the Indoor Only cat step by step.

Finding a missing Indoor + outdoor cat 

Top 10 scared cat hiding places

Places you’d never think to look

How to search with fresh eyes

Search tricks based on geography

Dealing with the emotional pain

Ranking your missing cat probabilities

Covering all 8 angles

Part 4

Flyers vs posters and why to make them different

Ideal flyer size & wording

Offer a Reward or not?

How to make posters that can't be torn down

Lost Cat flyer templates and lost cat door-hangers

A new way to rainproof lost cat posters

Part 5

How to set the search zone for your cat type

The 9 key questions you need to ask neighbors

How a cat's vision affects your search

Using Nature to find your cat

How to assess fur evidence and clues

Identifying  signs of coyotes

How to stay focused and positive.

Part 6

Traps:  Tricks, tips and troubleshooting

Lost Cat Search Gear  - the best search equipment

How to set humane traps and where to put them

Best bait options depending on your geography

Problems with strays, ferals and bully cats

Dealing with raccoons, ants and coyotes

Part 7

Social media & online lost pet finder services

Lost Pet Alert and Pawboost: helpful or scams?

Reputable lost pet Notification Options

Pros & cons of hiring a K9 lost pet tracking dog for a lost cat.

Part 8

Sightings: 9 Questions to get the key info the first time

A Positive Sighting... proceed with caution

What to do next and what to take with you.

No trap?  3 safe ways to capture + contain a skittish cat

Part 9

FOUND! First Aid + re-introductions in multi-cat households

How to avoid the dangers of "Refeeding Sickness Syndrome"

Vet approved Post-starvation Diet

Signs of hepatic lipidosis: liver &  kidney failure

Part 10

Additional Lost Cat Tips  & Reminders

Rethinking your search from your cat’s point of view

Reminders on what methods to AVOID using

Famous case stories & Inspiring lost cat reunions..... pg 67

NEW for 2022

New section on how to create a free national Lost Cat Alert, set up an automated "found cat" image page, plus how to read satellite maps to determine highest probability spot for your lost cat.



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"Lost Cat Finder helped me find my cat the very next day after he had been missing for a month! I would recommend her to anyone who is missing their fur baby!"

– Brie Reiner, Austin Texas

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