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Cat chased up a tree by two happy to be home after 9 days!

Here's the story of how this sweet cat ended up in a tree and the good news from this morning from Allison that he is safely back home. I love reunion photos like this!

"Kim, Remember my missing cat who was chased by 2 dogs in the middle of the night? After 9 days of diligent searching, Albert is home! I can't believe it! We are so happy to have him back. I thought I'd reach out to thank you again for your custom advice yesterday and share the good news!

Goofy reunion photos are attached :) And yes, I read the last 3 pages for what to do after they are found and will be sure to follow the feeding instructions as well as refer you to others.  Thanks again! Allison


On August 2, Allison wrote:


My cat, Albert, was chased by 2 dogs in the middle of the night. He was last seen perched in a tree branch 20 ft high around 12am on 7/27/20 after the dogs had left. By daybreak, he was no longer up in the tree. No signs of him around the perimeter of the house. This was only his 2nd day at my parent's house.

I've been searching diligently, but feeling discouraged so I read your book and watched your video today. The tips are really helpful and I definitley have a clearer strategy. However my cat went missing under unique circumstances. I would like to consult with a professional cat finder like yourself to get the correct approach for where I am in the process based on our situation.

Lost Cat Finder wrote:

Hi Allison,

So sorry to hear he was chased by dogs-- and not even at his own house! Poor Albert.

I have emailed replies to all your questions.

I know I sent a lot of angles to cover, but any of them are possible and dismissing any of them could make the difference in finding him or not. Good luck and let me know when he's home!

best wishes, purrs and patience, Kim Lost Cat Finder #catintree

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