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How to Find a Lost Cat

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Find your lost cat with new scientific methods.

This Lost Cat Kit has led to missing cats found in 48 states and 24 countries worldwide.


That's thousands of lost cats back home, thanks to this online  "How to Find a Lost Cat" kit.


How? Because these lost cat tips go way beyond the typical stuff of posting on social media, visiting the shelters, calling/shaking treats, and putting out dirty cat litter.

The Lost Cat Kit is the result of 12 years of real-world pet detective experience. Based lost cat science with tested strategies for each cat type, it's all condensed down to the  essentials of how to find a lost cat ... even after weeks of no sightings.

Every day, owners tell us how they found their cat after skimming the kit and wish their shelter had told them about the Lost Cat Kit.

For $50 you can get your cat home within 24 hours. You just need to know which method to use for your cat type & situation.   


Get the kit so you'll be the next person emailing to say "I found my lost cat using your tips guide and video! Thanks for creating the Lost Cat Finder Kit!"

Pet detective Austin TX Carol Menchi reunion
The Lost Cat Finder with Carol and her found kitty Menchi in Austin Texas
Lost Cats Found & Happy Reunions 

"Thrilled to report  I found my missing kitty this morning -- after weeks of tears and wasted effort. Thank you for creating your "lost cat tips." This was the best $25 bucks I ever spent in my life!"

~ Linda in Anchorage, Alaska ​​

​​"I searched for my cat for over 2 months. I did all the usual stuff advised on Nextdoor with zero luck. 

Finally, a Facebook admin from my lost pets group recommended your video tips and booklet, so I ordered them. I'll be sending our reunion story soon. You will be floored! For now, here's our happy reunion picture!"

~ Roni and Odin, Oklahoma

"Beyond grateful to have Oliver back home. What a happy ending to a VERY stressful 16 days.

Forever in gratitude that you are in this world to help confused, sad, super-distraught pet parents like me. You are truly an animal angel. "

 ~ Rainbeau Mars
     Beverly Hills, California

Thank you for writing such a helpful booklet! What an eye-opener. I had been doing so much wrong. Once I got your stuff and changed up my strategy, I found her THAT DAY! 

 I'm now recommending you to everyone posting lost cats in California!"

-Dana, Santa Cruz, CA

lost cat found Finn

Finn is found!! A kind person in the Austin lost & found pets group told me about your lost cat tips. I wish I had known this stuff sooner."

​I will be recommending you every chance I get. And guess what? SO many people told me to put out the kitty litter! Even the girl at the shelter. Plus I had 3 neighbors say that "my cat was eaten by coyotes." Thank you for warning me about the mean comments and bad advice. I ignored them all and followed your steps!

~ Alyana and Finn, Austin TX

The latest lost cat tips created by the
 pet detective dedicated to cats only.

pet detective lost cat tips

"Kim! Thanks to your lost cat tips, I found my cat today!  I had searched for a week and literally thought I had done everything until I read your materials --especially that section on how to find a skittish indoor cat. Thank you for your search guides. God bless you!"

-Rhonda, Montgomery, AL

Find lost cat book contents

Part 1  

Strategy: Indoor cat or outside access cat?

Key steps in order for the first 48 Hours

Typical lost cat behavior

Cat Personalities: Recovery Strategy for Each

Luring your cat to come home without risk.

Part 2  

Typical myths to avoid

The dangers of cookie-cutter advice

When to use Search parties

Grief avoidance & tunnel vision

Focusing thru the stress & panic

How to stay focused and positive.

Part 3  

The Indoor Cat Search

The Outdoor Cat Search

Photos: top 10 cat hiding places

Places you’d never think to look

Dealing with the emotional pain.

Ranking your missing cat Probabilities

Part 4 

Flyers vs posters: the psychology of each

Best flyer size & wording to get attention

New, improved Lost Cat flyer templates

Smart cheap way to rainproof lost cat posters

Social Media: better wording, better results

Dealing with lost pet scams & fake sightings

Part 5  

Mapping out your search zone

Use these 9 key questions with each neighbor

Why you should avoid searching garages

A cat's vision and how it affects your search.

Dealing with wildlife and stray cats 

Using bird language as your guide.

Scratch marks, vomit & fur evidence clues

Signs of coyotes and what to do for each.

Part 6  

How to set up a humane trap and alert

Best lost cat search gear: recommended equipment

What to do about neighbor cats

Homemade cat traps: tricks, tips & troubleshooting

Outsmarting raccoons, opossums, ants and coyotes

Trail cameras set up, tips and bait

Is your cat stuck in tree? Tricks and tips.

Zones of Awareness vs Disturbance

Part 7  

Social media & online pet finder services 

Lost Pet Alert and Pawboost: helpful or scams?

The pros & cons of hiring a K9 lost pet tracking dog

Reputable lost pet services to consider.

Creating an online image alert for your cat.

Part 8  

Sighting Reports: how to handle each type

Positive Sightings: next steps, in order

What to do if cat lost away from home

Telltale tracks how to identify

What to do if your cat runs from you

How to capture a frightened skittish cat.

Part 9  FOUND!

First-Aid once kitty is back home

Reintroductions with other pets

Avoiding the dangers of "Refeeding Sickness Syndrome"

Signs of hepatic lipidosis: liver & kidney failure

Part 10

Additional Lost Cat tips & techniques

Grief Counseling & Pet loss Support Groups

Rethinking your search from a cat’s-eye view

Reminders on what to AVOID during a search

Famous Cases & Inspiring Reunions  ..... pg 67

Recommended by the pioneer in pet detective
Lost Pet Tracking and K9 Search & Rescue
Famous pet detective

"Kim is a WIZARD at finding lost cats!"


I  personally know many of Kim's amazing recoveries of lost cats.

Although a search dog can be a great tool, it is more critical that you get advice/counsel from someone like Kim who is trained in lost cat probabilities and behavior than to rush into hiring a pet detective with a search dog. 


I've been in this business training search dogs to find lost pets since 1998, but if my cat were missing, I would hire Kim in a heartbeat. Check her out at Lost Cat Finder. If you have lost a cat, I strongly suggest her help. 

 Kat Albrecht, K9 Tracker & pioneer Pet Detective

Founder of Missing Pet Partnership and MARN Missing Animal Response Network

Lost Cat tips guaranteed to get your missing cat home fast.

These lost cat finder tips booklets plus the "show & tell" video makes this Lost Cat Kit the most complete and useful collection of lost cat techniques ever assembled.


Available in both English and Spanish, these guides on "How to Find a Lost Cat" show you the key DOs & DON'Ts for a lost cat search (example, the dirty litter box and shaking treats...proven to be a big no-no) first, then lays out new tested, proven methods, all in order, all in one place. 


For $50 you can triple the chances of finding your cat within 24 hours.


Download the kit. Find your missing cat-- then send us your happy reunion story!

Lost Cat ebook
Lost cat tips in Spanish book
Lost cat book en espaneol

Kim Freeman

The Lost Cat Finder

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