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How to Find a Lost Cat

tips book & video



Instant download

The insider lost cat info in this booklet plus the "show & tell" video tutorial makes this combo pack the most useful collection of lost cat finder tips ever assembled.


"How to Find a Lost Cat" even shows the key DOs and DON'Ts for a lost cat search (for example, the dirty letterbox and shaking treats is a DON'T) and organized, all real-world-tested, all in one place.



Try my new 2020 lost cat finder techniques.


I can't wait to get your Thank you letter telling me it is the best  $25 you ever spent.


Kim Freeman

The Lost Cat Finder



Lost Cat tips guaranteed to get your missing cat home.

Lost cats found & happy reunions

lost cat found Finn
"Kim! Thanks to your lost cat tips, I found my cat today!  I had been searching for a week until I read up on how to look for a skittish cat. Thank you for your materials. God bless you!"

-Rhonda, Atlanta, GA

"I'm thrilled to report that I found my cat this morning! Thank you so much for for writing your "lost cat tips" book. That was absolutely the  best $25 bucks I ever spent in my life."

-Linda, Anchorage, Alaska 

"Thanks for all your support  throughout this emotional rollercoaster!  Your booklet really was incredibly helpful.  Without your advice, my cat would not be home right now.  This will be the first night in a week that I'll actually sleep!"

-Jamie, Houston, Texas

"Kim! I want you to know I searched for my cat for 2.5 months doing all the typical stuff people on Facebook advise with zero luck. FInally, one person you had worked with recommended your booklet so I ordered it.

-Roni and Odin, Oklahoma

What an eye opener! I had been doing so much wrong. Once I learned your approach and changed up my methods, I found her THAT DAY!  I'm now recommending you to everyone in California!"
-Dana, Santa Cruz, CA

"After 4 nights we found Oscar - totally thanks to your guide! I will be recommending you every chance I get!  We found him in this tiny crevice under our deck stairs…He was pretty dirty but seems fine! EVERYONE told me to put the kitty litter in the yard or “Your lost cat was eaten by coyotes” - NONE of which was helpful!

I loved your guide because it gave real advice for the personality of cat I have, plus it really gave me hope to keep looking using your new ideas. Thank you, Kim. So glad I found your "Lost cat tips!"

-Christine Goodner, Hillsboro, Oregon

"I have to take a few minutes to thank you for the work you do.  I bought your e-book “How to Find a Lost Cat" a few days after my cat Jonah fell out of the upstairs window. Of course I made all the mistakes you advise not to do the first 3 days of his disappearance.  A friend recommended your info, and I thought it was worth trying a better way to search, so I bought the book. I followed many of your lost indoor cat techniques, including the camera. I cannot tell you how comforting it was to see the pictures of him and finally get to use your method to grab him and march him inside!

Without the insights into scared cats and the tips you present in your book, I might still be looking for Jonah. I work with Siamese Cat Rescue, so I will be sure to give them your web site info. Thank you so much for your help in finding my lost Jonah!"


- Carol in CHARLESTON, SC 

Lost cat tips = happy reunions

I'm proud of the hundreds of lost cats found in person AND as a result of my video + ebooklet.


As mentioned in these thank-you notes, my materials go way beyond the typical missing cat tips of "lost cat flyers, Facebook, and checking shelters." 


My techniques and tips are what got these cats found. Again and again, cat owners say they wish they'd found my lost cat tips sooner because once they finally downloaded my materials, they tried my methods and found their lost cat.


I love it when they write to say thank you!


Part 1  

Think Like a Cat

Using Your Cat’s POV

3 Ways to Make your Cat come Home

Key Steps within 48 Hours

Breaking Cover

Typical Lost Cat Behavior

Recovery Strategies for Each Type of Cat

Part 2  

Myths and Misinformation

What NOT to Do

Tunnel Vision

Microchip Misconceptions

Overzealous Searching

Dealing with the Emotional Pain

The Dangers of internet advice

Wildlife, stray cats and food fights

Good Intentions Gone Wrong

Part 3  

Places to Look you’d never think to look

The Indoor Cat Search

The Outdoor Cat Search

Photos:  Cat Hiding Places

A search with Fresh eyes

Search tricks based on Cat Type

Missing inside-outside cats 

Cats with a Double Life

Ranking the scenarios that account for your missing cat 

Part 4 

A better approach to posters and flyers

Flyers vs posters and psychology of each

Search zone mapping

Size of Flyers and key wording to get attention

To offer a Reward or not?

Lost Cat Poster template

Tips on Lost Cat flyer wording & design 

Part 5  

Marking your search zones

Nine key detective questions for neighbors 

A new technique for garage searches

Cat vision and how it affects your search

Using Nature as Your Guide.

Fur evidence and clues

Evidence of Predators

What About Foxes and Raccoons?

Staying Positive

Part 6  

Top Gear: Essential Search Equipment

Where to set up

Best bait options

Nemesis Cats

Catnip as bait, good or bad?


When to move on

Part 7  

Additional Pet Finder Services 

Lost Pet Alert companies:helpful or scams?

Reputable Lost Pet Notification Options

The Pros & Cons of Hiring a Search Dog

Part 8  

Sightings:  details count: What to ask

A Positive Sighting!  Now what?

How to capture and contain a skittish cat 

Part 9  

Once Your Cat is Home 

Avoiding re-feeding syndrome

Parasites, liver and kidney cautions

Part 10

Random Tips & Key Reminders

Rethinking your search from a Cat’s-Eye View

Reminders to AVOID during a Search

Case Stories & Record Rescues……63

Lost cats found using the Lost Cat Finder book and video "lost cat tips" 

"Kim! Thanks for your brilliant tips booklet! Great source of info. Wow.  I thought I knew all about cats, but this is truly niche specialty. Your info is what got my cat home. Thank you for writing that book."


-Robert, Chicago, IL




"We followed the search steps outlined in the book and we found our missing cat trapped in a neighbor's tool house they said had not been open for a year! She had jumped into a hole over the door, but unable to jump out. Even though the owners said it was never open, we knew from the book to look anyway and he was there!


Thank you for all your work throughout the global kitty community!"


--Linda Bluma, Riga, Latvia

Recommendation from the pioneer in pet detective LOST PET TRACKING AND RECOVERY:

"Kim is a WIZARD at finding lost cats. I know personally of many, many amazing recoveries of lost cats. Although a search dog can be a great tool, it is more critical that you get advice/counsel from someone like Kim who is trained in lost cat behaviors than to simply have someone come out with a search dog. 


I have been in this business (of using search dogs to find lost pets) since 1998, but if my cat were missing, I would hire Kim of Lost Cat Finder in a heartbeat.

Kim Freeman's company is Lost Cat Finder http://www.lostcatfinder.com/. If you have lost a cat, I strongly suggest connecting with her for a consult. 

Kat Albrecht, K9 Tracker & pioneering Pet Detective

Founder of Missing Pet Partnership