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Live Search & Rescue with the Lost Cat Finder

Book in-person Boot-on-the- ground lost cat search & rescue with the cat detective.

Hire Kim to provide live boots-on-the-ground search & rescue for your missing cat.

In-person cases are $500 for local area searches.

This includes the use of my search gear, equipment, weatherproof lost cat posters, preparation/ strategy planning, and up to 3 hours of boots-on-the-ground search time using all equipment necessary to get your lost cat found.

Depending on your needs, this service may also include

  • A detailed search for clues as well as intense tracking, 

  • Interviews with neighbors

  • Distributing lost cat flyers

  • Camera surveillance

  • Humane trapping 

  • Mounting weatherproof "lost cat posters"

  • Door-to-door, yard-by-yard searches of nearby properties, garages, and sheds to find your lost cat.

No stone left unturned using my experience, time, and equipment to find your missing cat.

To book a Lost cat Search, click Get Started to fill out my online contact form for this service.

Looking for search and rescue services outside of the Greater Atlanta area?

Please contact to discuss options and pricing to have Kim come out to your area.

If you cancel or notify us your cat has been found prior to a scheduled in-person search, we will refund you as follows:

  • 48 hours or more before scheduled search: 100% refund (less fees)

  • 48 hours or less: 75% refund (less fees)

  • 24 hours or less of scheduled search time: 50% refund (less fees)

  • Day of scheduled search: no refunds



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"Lost Cat Finder helped me find my cat the very next day after he had been missing for a month! I would recommend her to anyone who is missing their fur baby!"

– Brie Reiner, Austin Texas

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