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Cats lost in floods & fires

advice on finding cats after natural disasters

Lost Cat Recovery Seminar with The Lost Cat Finder

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To find a lost cat after a flood or fire disaster, you need to understand what they're going though and how they see the world.


Learn to think like a cat to find a lost cat.

The Lost Cat Kit referenced in video is a useful Resource to list on any "Lost & Found Pets" page.


Add a link to your shelter's website and get a donation each time the kit is downloaded. Anyone with a cat rescue group, shelter, or Facebook group can sign up for auto-donations here.

*Lost Cat Search & Rescue seminar originally presented for Fire Cats Group in Sonoma California in November 2017

For additional tips on lost cat recovery and how shelters can help with the lost cat return to owner and reclaim rate, click for this seminar on the Lost Cat Resources page.

Stray Cat Paper Collar Template

Stray Cat Paper Collars.webp

Use this simple template to help lost cats and their owners.

Download the document, write your phone number, and carefully wrap around the cat's neck.


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