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Over 10 Years of Professional Experience

Recovering missing cats is all I do. After thousands of lost cat cases all over the world, I've learned there is no "cookie-cutter advice" for every lost cat case. What does work is tailoring your strategy to your situation (indoor-only cat or outdoor access?) with methods curated for your cat's personality.​

Reuniting You & Your Lost Cat is My Specialty

Finding missing cats has been my full-time job for 10+ years. Over my years, I've been able to focus and refine my methods – always updating and discovering new techniques that work for you and your cat. After years of real-life pet detective experience, I know what works. You could even say I've got it down to a science.

It's my mission to share this knowledge so that you can be reunited with your furry friend.

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Meet Henry – My Real Life Sidekick

Henry may be the first cat ever trained to be a lost cat finder. Henry loves his job, from sniffing out lost kitties to riding in the truck. 


How I got into lost pet search and rescue and became a full-time cat detective.

People often ask how I ended up as a pet detective for lost cats.


To explain how it all started, I show them a photo from years ago when I lived on a horse farm in Texas. This was my little cabin on Canyon Lake with my horse, Red Rabbit and my sweet snuggler cat, Mister Purr. When Mister Purr went missing for 3 days, I learned first-hand what it feels like to have a lost cat. No one helped me search or truly understood my panic.


I got a lot of random advice from people who'd never found a lost cat in their life. If I had followed their suggestions like "Put some food and his litter box outside!" Mr. Purr would have died behind this wooden fence, locked in a rancher's metal shipping container. I will never forget the joy and relief of finding Mr Purr still alive, and I'll never forget the days of panic and intense stress.


Mister Purr is why I do lost cat search & rescue.

My mission is to save lost cats who might die otherwise if people do not understand all the things I learned and  discovered in the last nine years. I am here to support the people in panic mode who are also getting an earful of the old wives tales and bad advice.


I will never forget the experience of my own lost cat story. And I will never forget you, my beloved  Mister Purr.



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