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Hi! I'm Kim the Cat Finder

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Over 11 Years of real
Pet Detective Experience

After thousands of lost cat cases all over the world, I've learned there is no "cookie-cutter advice" for every lost cat case. What does work is tailoring your strategy to your situation (indoor-only cat or outdoor access?) with methods curated for your cat's personality.​

Reuniting You & Your Lost Cat is My Specialty

Finding missing cats is my full-time job. For 11 years, I've been focused on improving and refining cat recovery – always updating and discovering new techniques.


With so much real-world pet detective experience, I know what works. You could even say I've got it down to a science.

Make use of my experience and you can triple the chances of finding your lost cat.

It's my mission to share this knowledge so more people can be reunited with their loved ones.

lost cat found in Austin
Henry the search cat for lost cats

Meet Henry – My Real Life Sidekick

Henry is the first cat ever trained to track the scent of missing cats. Henry has proven himself to be the ultimate cat detective finding missing cats on nearly every case he goes along on. Henry loves his job, from sniffing out lost kitties to riding in the truck. 


How I got into lost pet search and rescue and became a full-time cat detective.

People often ask how I ended up as a pet detective for lost cats.


To explain how it all started, I show them a photo from years ago when I lived on a horse farm in Texas. This was my little cabin on Canyon Lake with my horse, Red Rabbit and my sweet snuggler cat, Mister Purr. When Mister Purr went missing for 3 days, I learned first-hand what it feels like to have a lost cat. No one helped me search or truly understood my panic.


I got a lot of random advice from people who'd never found a lost cat in their life. If I had followed their suggestions like "Put some food and his litter box outside!" Mr. Purr would have died behind this wooden fence, locked in a rancher's metal shipping container. I will never forget the joy and relief of finding Mr Purr still alive, and I'll never forget the days of panic and intense stress.


Mister Purr is why I do lost cat search & rescue.

My mission is to save lost cats who might die otherwise if people do not understand all the things I learned and  discovered in the last nine years. I am here to support the people in panic mode who are also getting an earful of the old wives tales and bad advice.


I will never forget the experience of my own lost cat story. And I will never forget you, my beloved  Mister Purr.

My Story


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