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Indoor cat escaped mountain cabin in a rainstorm...FOUND on day 16!

This Maine Coon cat vaulted through the screen of a 2nd story window during a raging rainstorm in the Adirondack mountains. After two weeks of searching and trying advice from friends, Leslie ordered my search guide, How to Find a Lost cat. Now, two days later, Samson is home!

Dear Kim,

Based on your advice and techniques coupled with two dedicated helpers, our Maine Coon, Samson was safely caught early this morning!

He is unharmed but extremely hungry and thirsty.  We’re now following your “take it easy on the re-feeding” protocol.  He is extremely tired and lost weight after 16 days out in the rainy mountains of upstate New York.  

He won’t stop following my husband around — good for both of them.  Here are their photos for your archives and more proof of the success of your tried and true techniques.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,


On Jul 24, 2020, at 10:34 AM, Leslie <lp> wrote:

Dear Lost Cat Finder,

Our cat Samson escaped a 2nd story window in the middle of the night two weeks ago. It was a raging storm and we are in the Adirondeck Mountains at a house where he's never been.

He was spotted and my husband pursued him last night for an hour but he wouldn’t come to them.  Of course, there are more details, but if you have any tips or suggestions, that would be great, in case we are missing something.  He went out the window nearly two weeks ago. Thank you, Leslie

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