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Cat lost in Apartment Parking lot in Schenectady, New York

Lost cat owners always worry when a WHITE indoor only cat gets out as he is more likley to be spotted by coyotes.

Briann was so worried when she contacted me on Day 3 thinking he might starve or die from dehydration:

Hello Kim,

My cat has been missing since Sunday May 24th, and we are worried sick. We are in an apartment complex that is constantly busy with people walking and lawn mowers going, so I have a feeling he is just hiding somewhere to scared to come out.

I have 3 humane traps set up for days but still nothing.

I'm getting worried as it is getting warmer and I am hoping he won’t get dehydrated. He is also an all white cat which makes me scared that he would be an easy target for predators.

We have been searching day and night for him but have no clue where he has gone.

Please reach out to me as soon as you can if you are able to help.

Thank you,


I told her not to worry about dehydration or predators and to get busy learning what to do.

She ordered my online manual and video combo and finished them within an hour.

The next day, she sent this photo asking me if maybe this could be his ear:

I thought it could be for sure but ran a comparison with other pics of him to see if it was likley:

That gave us both hope as it had been 5 days so far and we were eager for sightings. The next day, she asked:

"During the day what do you suggest I should do?

I try searching but one of my neighbors basically yelled at me and made me cry stating that my cat clearly wasn't around there and to move on. Probably why I have been discouraged.. I am not sure what to do now during the day and it is making me feel hopeless.

Finally after Brian had followed up on all my advice and set up posters along the exits and posted online, she got a call that someone had seen a "white cat run under a shed."

It was pretty far away but in line with the main road in case Bolt had hitched a ride:

Briannn and her boyfriend raced over to the sighting and actually SAW Bolt run inder the ssame shed. But he woud not come out!

"KIM!!!! We found my cat!!!!! Someone called me to tell me they have been seeing a white cat the last couple days and he is hiding under a shed! When we got to the house we saw him run under there!! But how do we get him out!? This is so frustrating I know it is him but he just won’t move from under this shed!"

Finally after a lot of patience and a change in wind direction, he came out to her!

Briann said "It was like a switch flipped in his head and he remembered my voice and started crawling to us and purred!!!!! 💙💙

Bolt was lost for 13 FULL days!!! 14 mornings I woke up with out him!! On the 14th morning is when I got a text from one of my “neighbors” at 6:50am!! I was at his house by 7:10 and saw Bolt go under the shed! I immediately started crying because I couldn’t believe it was actually him!

I am so happy Kim. Thank you!"

Once they got him home, he had some little ticks on him they got off and he slept like he had not in weeks -- and maybe since this poor lost kitty was in survival mode all that time, he REALLY needed to catch up on his catnaps!

Briann and her boyfriend were SO relived and so happy to have him home and snuggle with him again...

Bolt just desperately wanted to sleep...

still sleeping....


Lost cat happy reunion!

Happy ending and happy cat biscuits!

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