Use these FREE resources to help lost cats everywhere.

Lost Cat Psychology

To Find a lost cat, you need to understand what they're going though. Learn to think like a cat to find your lost cat.

Shelters can offer the "Lost Cat Kit" as a Resource on their Lost  & Found pages with this link 


...or sign up to get automatic donations to their shelter or cat rescue here.

*webinar sponsored by American Pets Alive and Maddie's Fund "Understanding Lost Cat Psychology" to keep stray cats out of shelters and get them found faster."

Lost cat poster template.webp

Lost Cat Flyer Template

This Missing cat poster template is ideal to confirm sightings and avoid someone chasing your missing cat.


Click below to download as a 2-page document. Use Page 2 to fill in with your custom image and number.

NOTE: the $50 reward is ONLY for a CONFIRMED photo!

Stray Cat Paper Collar Template

Stray Cat Paper Collars.webp

Use this simple template to help lost cats and their owners.

Download the document, write your phone number, and carefully wrap around the cat's neck.

Cat Portrait