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lost cat finder tips book and video
  • How to Find Your Lost Cat Kit



    The "Lost Cat Kit" gives you crash course  on the best technique for your missing cat type & situation.


    This booklet + video kit gives you a show & tell of step-by-step instructions on how to find your lost cat with tips and resources like better lost cat flyer templates for more sightings and calls,  how to tweak your search for an indoor vs outdoor cat, plus clear details on what to do every step of the way, all in order. The companion video demonstrates how to use the key lost cat search gear the Lost Cat Finder Pet Detective brings out to find missing cats all over the world. 


    The Lost Cat Kit is backed by a full 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


    Triple the chances of getting your lost cat back home with detailed, professional help from the Cat Detective.

    • Lost Cat Kit instant download

      How to Find a Lost Cat --expert advice from a professional cat finder.

    • How to Find a Lost Cat - the booklet contents

      Table of Contents

      Part 1 : Think like a cat

      How to lure your cat home without the risk of drawing wildlife

      What to do before nightfall to get your cat to come back

      The New Science of Lost Cat Behavior.

      What are your chances of finding your lost cat?

      Can a lost cat find their way home?

      What attracts a lost cat?

      Cat Personalities: Recovery Strategy for Each

      Part 2 What NOT to Do when trying to find a lost cat (jump to page 18)

      Myths about lost cats: Misconceptions and Misinformation

      The Litter box myth and its danger

      What your missing cat is thinking and what it's like for them

      The Emotional Pain and stress of a lost cat

      Don’t Give Up! (tips to keep you going in your lost cat search)

      The lost Indoor Cat Search plan

      The lost missing Outdoor Cat Search plan

      Top 10 typical Cat Hiding Places

      Weird but popular lost cat hiding places

      New Search Techniques Based on Cat Type

      Missing Outdoor Cats who are friendly and social

      Top 8 Scenarios for Missing Cats and where they are usually found

      Create a Search Map Radius for your cat type 39

      Key Steps to find your lost cat IN ORDER 41

      How to make more Effective lost cat Flyers & Posters 48

      Better wording and photos for better results


      To Offer a Reward or not?

      New style Posters That Get Results

      9 questions to ask neighbors

      What to Say to Neighbors who will not let you search

      New technique to search neighbor garages ad sheds

      Ruling out Trees and what to do if cat is stuck (page 67)

      How understanding Cat Vision can help in your search

      Can hawks and owls take a cat?

      What About Foxes and Raccoons?

      Evidence of Predators – was your cat killed by a coyote?

      Staying Positive 81

      Key lost cat search Equipment 82

      How to pick and use a Digital Wildlife Cameras 83

      Where to set up your Wildlife camera?

      Additional Pet Finder Services

      Typical pet finder scams to look out for

      Which Lost pet finder companies to Avoid

      Lost Pet Notification Services

      Reputable Lost Pet Notification Options

      The Pros & Cons of Hiring a Search Dog to find a lost cat

      A Positive Sighting! Don’t blow it!

      Lost cat Sighting Calls: Be Ready with specific questions

      If You Spot Your Cat what to do

      If your lost cat runs from you, here’s what to do.

      Part 9 Humane Cat Trapping

      How to set up a humane cat trap for best results

      Where to Put the Trap 102

      Getting Permission 103

      Accidentally Catch the wrong cat?

      Trap Preparation 103

      Best Bait for cat traps

      Trap Troubleshooting

      When to use Catnip and when NOT to.

      WARNING: Once Your Cat is Home

      Keep other pets separate

      In case your lost cat was in starvation

      Was your lost cat injured?

      Vet approved feeding plan to avoid organ failure

      How to avoid re-feeding syndrome

      Part 10


      Lost cat Tips & Key Reminders

      What Not To Do During your Search

      Case Stories & Happy reunion and lost cat Resources (page 97)




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