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Finding lost cats during Covid Corona times.

The ususal tips for how to find a lost cat are different now. Using new techniques developed by the lost cat finder, these two cats were recovered on April 17th, 2020, depsite the challenges of quarantine and neighbors not answering the door.

Depsite having searched for their escaped cats for days, both familes faound their cats after a coaching session with strategy ideas from Kim Freeman, the Lost Cat Finder.

Dear Kim,

"Dipper is home! We made changes to the sleeping arrangements as you described and we finally got him --within 15 minutes of your prediction, ~1:45 AM. He cried tremendously just like you said he would at my bedside, then went over to the food container in the living room (he cried the entire time he ate too :P).

I cannot thank you enough for reuniting our family. Our house is in a bit of disarray, but once we're caught back up to speed with things, we'll happily post a reunion for you. has been sleeping SO MUCH since he's been home. We took him to the vet to get looked over and they said he looks healthy, so he must just be exhausted from the experience. I don't blame him."

SO HAPPY TO REPORT, Dipper and Balthazar are both back home safe in their owners arms!

Here's Balthazar with Rebecca and her review:

"Kim is the best! I really valued the way she analyzed our cat's personality and our neighborhood to give us custom advice, a coherent game plan and what mistakes to avoid.

We followed her advice to "make it safe for your cat to come back" and set up contingency plans for 3 other possibilities as well. On the third morning, we got him back! We are overjoyed and relived beyond words. Thank you, Kim!"

Attaching a picture; as you can see he did not feel like being held. 😉

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