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Cat lost in Texas 13 days is found!

"My cat Akasha escaped my yard and disappeared for a long 13 days but thanks to the cat finder helping me with her booklet and coaching Akasha is home!

Kim gave me incredible support, insight, tips, a solid strategy: a Plan A & Plan B...She gave me an understanding of what Akasha may have been doing, where, what I could expect, & how to go about each step... She is very thorough & has great knowledge of how lost cats behave & think. She is compassionate, incredibly knowledgeable & detailed in her approach. I purchased the ebook that comes with a very helpful video, & then I opted for ta custom coaching session. AND I am So Glad I Did!!!! I Highly recommend the Lost Cat Finder! The information she provides is invaluable. If you want your cat back home, do what she says & be persistent! Do not ever give up! Your beloved pet needs you, & wants to come home. Kim will guide you to make that happen! I have experienced it first hand! After 13 days, Akasha is Finally Home!!!!

Now Akasha is non-stop talking to me but no longer in the anguished tone like he was outside..... He is talking in a very soft playful tone... It is so Adorable!    He is purring, stretching on the bed & just feeling so much better.

I have already recommended Kim the Lost Cat Finder on Facebook lost pets and my!

Here is a photo...Akasha actually looks a little ticked off because i woke him up ... Lol... But it was for a good cause!

And a few of our reunion my son took and a few I took in bed but my arm was not long enough!!

:)  Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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