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Cat escapes when plumber comes to drill. Missing in California, found with cat finder in Georgia.

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

A beautiful kitty, a dedicated owner and cool pet detective mystery!

Hermosa Beach, CA.

Owner read "How to Find a Lost Cat" booklet and followed the advice but after three weeks, No sightings. She knew it was time to get a custom consult. Turns out, she woud never have found her escaped cat, Canolli without that decision.

In her Lost Cat Case Profile, she gave me the key background clues before we talked. Poor indoor-only cat Canolli ran out the door when a plumber was there drilling 3 weeks ago. Loud scary noise!

Since there'd been no sightings in 3 weeks, I told her what I tell everyone: it's time to consider those things you didn't think possible. Even the ones that sound crazy.

I gave her a list of five possibilities based on her profile details, the first being, "Call the plumber. Ask where he went right after your house."

After the ZOOM consult, Alyx told her mother I'd suggested her cat may have been accidentally transported by the plumber. Her mom laughed and said, "There is NO WAY Cannoli would go near a vehicle."

Alyx was so dedicated to finding her missing cat, she checked it out anyway based on my advice.

When she called the plumber, he told her that, Yes when he got home that day, his dog was barking at his van. He opened the hood "and a cat jumped out and took off!"

Alyx texted me back on her way over to the plumber's neighborhood.

Within two hours, she was able to find her starving little cat and carried her home!

Yes, I am a lost petfinder, but sometimes, especially on a long-distance case like this, I feel like a true Cat Detective ;-)

So happy for these two and so grateful when people seek out and listen to my advice!

Kim Freeman,

Lost Cat Finder

AKA, "the Cat Detective"

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