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Atlanta Lost Cat Finder helps couple recover their escaped indoor cat.

It started with an email plea for help from the lost cat owners, and ended with a very happy reunion. Gus is recovered and doing great!

"Hi Cat FInder! I got your name from a friend J Carvalho who used your services in the past. Our male orange Tabby Gus has been gone since late Saturday evening. We've done everything we know to do and still no luck.

We are on day 7. Can you help us? We just want to find our cat Gus. He’s the best cat - SO much love we have for him!


I offered to help them out and loan them some of my equipment once we figured out the general area Gus was hiding. The next morning, GOOD NEWS! Their sweet lost cat Gus was found :-)

"Good news! We found him as we were setting up ...he must have heard us or smelled the mackerel. We spotted him hanging on a grassy ledge behind that shed I told you about. We cornered him and got him home safely. We held him tight and despite his anxiety he did fine long enough for us to get him back in the house!"

"I took this video right as we got him. We are so relieved! Thank YOU Thank YOU!

Orange cat lost in Atlanta is found after 9 days lost!
Lost Cat Found Atlanta

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