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After 49 days missing, this escaped indoor cat is found and home.

"Hello Kim! Your book was absolutely ESSENTIAL in finding our lost girl. Every single tip you recommended...from strands of fur on fences to motion cameras and listening for special bird sounds gave us insight.

Even after searching the wrong way for weeks, we were able to get back on track and find our girl after 49 long days! Lily is so happy to be home!

Thank you for the incredible extent of your research and knowledge.

We are forever grateful!

It was absolute chaos and the journey has been filled with ups and downs but she hung in there until I was able to find her.

Lily is so happy to be home!

Without your booklet, I would never have been able to find her.

I tell everyone in the Facebook lost pet groups I joined to go to your site and download your materials! So worth it.

Thank you again,

Lily and Na'ilah

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