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Lost Cat Found After 8 Months missing

LOST in April. FOUND in November! Nicole finally has Sammy home. A perfect example of a loving dedicated owner who never gave up!

This beautiful reunion after 8 MONTHS is so deserved! Sammy was found yesterday in a restaurant parking miles away! He is back home now, safe and warm with Nicole and the kids, just in time before the winter weather.

This is another case of a friendly cat who "simply vanished" we could not find because he was the most difficult of the 8 Possibilities: Probability #7: Accidenallty transported. I'm still gathering data on cases like this to demonstrate to skeptics that more cats end up transported than the one most people assume: Probability #8: Killed by a Predator.

Here's the background on her story. After our April search, we found no clues on sweet Sammy. As always, I advise people to keep those LOST posts running, don't let Craigslist ads expire. Unless you find a body, Never Give Up.

The person who spotted Sammy at the restaurant lured him to her. Nicole had taught Sammy to jump on her shoulder. His friendly demeanor told her this was no random feral cat, so she went online to scour the postings and there he was--lost 8 months ago in April!

Cases like this are a perfect example of cats getting accidentally transported, and a lesson in why owners AT MINIMUM need to keep those FB ads bumped and Craigslist posts updated weekly.

Nicole never gave up on finding Sammy. And THAT is why they are now reunited.

If you know someone with a missing cat who seemed to "simply vanish"... please share this inspiring story with them!

-- Kim Freeman, Lost Cat Finder

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