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Lost cat found after 6 days evading detection

We actually found our missing cat because of your tips guide!

"AMAZING NEWS We found Billie Jean last night after 6 days of being missing!!!!!
I want to detail how great your lost cat tips and e-book were. We made the radius map and started documenting what we already knew about each address - backyard features like decks, sheds. We'd already gone door to door days ago, handed out flyers, asked them to check and keep an eye out. This time, around 6 pm, we asked if WE could get dirty and search their property ourselves. Everyone was completely fine with it even though we were knocking on their door for the 3rd time in a week.

On the 4th property of our search last night, we checked a garage that the neighbor had already checked himself.

I had my flashlight and was on the ground checking underneath appliances when I saw a grey/white flash fly across the room and under a car My heart started RACING and I immediately had someone block the entrance and braced for whatever it was (cat? raccoon?). As I was beginning to check under the car, we spotted our cat high up on a platform at the top of the garage. She had leapt up there without making a sound (such a ninja).

We made eye contact, I yelled quietly ITS HER ITS HER ITS HER a million times! Although she seemed to recognize our voices, it took another 30 minutes after that: I had to stand on a car, but luckily I remembered to bring the smelly food with me to coax her close. Finally, I was able to grab her, hold her like a football, cover her eyes, and run across the alley to our home!
Funny enough... We had walked by that garage at least 100 times yelling her name, shaking treats, listening at the garage door, and the neighbor had done his own check the day before. She was full on in the silence mode.

It required us getting permission to search ourselves and getting on our hands and knees to shake her out of hiding and get her home (just like you instructed).

I will recommend you and your Lost Cat Finder Kit to everyone I come across, Kim. You've helped us get our family back together. Without reading the e-book, she would probably still be stuck in there and we'd be searching everywhere else.

I can't thank you enough! Enjoy our reunion pics and where we found her!"


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