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Lost cat found after 2 years missing

Astra got out one day and no one could find her.

Astras owner called the Lost cat Finder to search for her cat right before New Years Eve fireworks. Although the cat detective did not find Astra that day, she did keep searching an keeping an eye on the cats being turned into the shelters long after the owner had given up. Two years later, she spotted a cat and this time, it was Astra! Catherine went to Austin Animal Center to confirm it was indeed Astra who had been transported far north when her boyfriend doled shies truck to someone up in Reunlocks two years ago. They had checked UNDER the truck but nerd up IN the chassis.

Poor frightened Aster had been sold with the truck that day and despite the owner assuring the Lost Cat Finder he had SEARCHED the truck before selling it, he never check up in the chassis of the truck where Astra was hiding!

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