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Lost Cat Found after 3 Months Missing.

Can cats find their way home if lost? YES! Winston is home after 3 months lost! Marci was so grateful for my cat detective help, she made this video to say thank you!

"My name is Marci King. My beautiful cat, Winston, who I love more than life itself, was missing for three months and 18 days. Kim Freeman is the sole reason I have my beautiful cat back.

Kim...everytime I needed you, you were right there, to help me, to inspire me, to give me hope that my cat was going to get home.

Thank you so much!"

Marci King
Austin, Texas

Despite being told by a famous pet psychic AKA pet finder animal communicator (one of the few who takes lost cat cases) that her cat Winston was dead, Marci never gave up. After 3 months and 18 days, at last her lost cat was found. He had been trying to get back to his previous home, but got stuck in an area he couldn't get past of woods and a creek.

Here is what Marci told me a week after we had Winston back home:

"Now that we have found my beloved Winston I can tell you what happened when I contacted the famous pet psychic, and yes I want to post that she is a sham and has zero compassion ...the nature of her profession makes this more than a "mistake". She described to me how coyotes pounce on their prey and take it back to the den while still alive.

She described Winston talking to her while in the coyotes stomach. She said Winston told her he was very warm. She then told me that he had "passed by now”.

When I told her that Winston had spoken to me the first night, she said "that was the angels talking”.

Also claimed Winston was fixated on watching a bird when he was “snatched by the hungry coyote.”

This famous animal communicator blew off any comments I made saying she knows what happened and that is why I am not my own lawyer, too close to the situation. There was never a hint of compassion in her voice, only arrogance.

Kim, you were right. He was headed back home. If I had listened to the pet psychic instead of YOU, I would have given up assuming my dear cat was dead -- and then as a result of me giving up, Winston probably would have died. He was such a mess when we found him and his eye is still bad.

How many other people gave up on their missing cat after talking to this pet psychic?

Unforgivable in my book and the lack of compassion in conveying the horrible way to die is inexcusable, even for a vet."

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