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Important lesson about Cats lost around the holidays

Emily reported her cat missing on Jan 2nd and worried because temperatures were dropping into the 20s.
The key question in this case?

Before and after Christmas is when cats get a chance to sneak into spaces not usually open as people take out & put away Christmas stuff. So the key question is, "Has anyone accessed an attic or basement lately?"

Kim, Yes! We had originally checked the attic with a selfie stick, moved all the items out and put them back in…. Then today, after going over your Lost Cat kit and watching the video… we decided to check again using your cubic method and we found him!!

Your cat kit helped us understand cat behavior… we have the “cautious cat” which makes sense why he didn’t meow those first couple of days. We are just so happy!!! Thank you so much… this book was a gift from God!!”


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