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Cat lost on the streets of the New York found by Hudson River after 2 months missing

This beautiful Persian Cat Lost in the Bronx is found after 2 months missing! After our :Lost Cat Finder" consolation, we put the plan in place. Snowy was skin and bones but he is now back home!

Snowy is a 9 years old white Persian, and although he lives in a high-rise with my Mother, my disabled brother took him on a “walk” in his cat carrier ...then on a busy street, he opened up carrier to let him out to go to the bathroom while he looked at his phone right as it was getting dark.

There were dozens of cars parked on the street that day and there’s an indoor parking garage full of cars. We already Registed his as a lost cat with NYC shelter system, posted on local Facebook groups, contacted local vets, searched parked cars, a local garage, the courtyard closest to where he escaped from the carrier—lots of gabrage bags back there and old furniture.

Snowy was scared of my brother who cuddled too aggressively, that’s why he ran away from the carrier. He was also scared of all the city sounds.

After 2 months we got him back following the advice from our Lost Cat Finder consultation in March. Finally we got a sighting at the Hudson boating club - he was starving and matted hiding in the rocks. Thank goodness he is white and was seen!

We’re incredibly grateful for your help and expert cat finder guidance! Thank you for constantly reminding us he was likely transported away from where he was let out of his carrier. You were right!

He’s very emaciated and the vet shaved him to the bone because his fur was so matted and they had to remove more ticks—doesn’t look good for pictures at all. (has an infection and parasites and needs to gain weight — but no FIV or distemper or bites or physical injuries). We’re so grateful for the work you did with us because it encouraged me to post far and wide and to constantly update my posts — so many noted how diligently we searched!

He seems traumatized (only sleeps in sitting position and must always be close to his food) … my mom is being very gentle with him and keeping several food bowls around so he doesn’t have to sleep in the kitchen. It’ll be a long journey, but SERIOUSLY-- it’s really a miracle this happened and he is found after such a crazy situation.

He was found on her birthday too!!

Wild. Thank you again for everything.

Sadly, the rescue people who were called over gave us a very hard time—said we were negligent, saying with such matted fur must’ve been bad all along (it wasn’t!) and that he must have been malnourished to begin with (how would he have survived outdoors for two months if he was already malnourished?!). They shamed us on their Instagram account for not having neutered or microchipped him (he never sprayed so my mom just didn’t see a need).

Said they claimed they had “educated this immigrant family” about proper pet care. Ooph.

We of course see the value of microchipping but this seemed like more of a lesson in the perseverance of not giving up the search and the importance of community, but seems for them other “lessons” are more front and center and gives them a big story and preach time.

When the NYC cat rescue people said he couldn’t possibly be our cat because of the far distance he had to travel, I was armed with the information you gave me about accidental vehicle-transport which is obviously how he got to the banks of the Hudson River from the middle of the Bronx (plus as you know, he was lost by a parking garage).

I’m including the photo someone at the boat house took when they found him, a short video of my mom reuniting with him, and then his sweet little body looking out at his kingdom (back in the apartment).

He’s now neutered and microchipped and on a medicated diet, probiotics and vitamins included. He’s eating a lot, going to his old favorite spots, and re-bonding with my mom again. We’ll send more pictures and videos as his weight and fur condition improves!

Thank you so much for your coaching and cat detective advice through all this!

The reunion photo of Snowy and mom is priceless.

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