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Pet Detective Search Equipment

key supplies for finding a missing cat​

Pet detectives have their special tools of the trade used to find a lost pets. I'm sharing what I use so you know the best of each category thanks to my testing brands and models over the years.


The items I use most are my Wasing 1,000 lumen spotlight, silent wireless motion alerts, orange foam sheets to turn missing cat flyers into "lost cat posters," motion-activated night vision trail cameras, Tru-Catch humane cat traps, and the Bionic Ear amplified listening device (good for checking garages and sheds you can't access). High-tech but nice to have lost cat gear includes a night vision monocular and infrared thermal detection unit.


You can rent these from me, or order them delivered via the Amazon links below.

Pet Detective tools of the trade, 2012 to 2020

Lost Cat Recovery gear for rent

Recommended tools & gear

NightVision Wildlife Trail Cameras

Motion-triggered night vision cameras take photos 24/7 for invaluable info find your cat when they come out at night to eat. Favorite under $50 trail cam is this VICTURE available at https://amzn.to/2IsNdDk


Rental: $10 per day, $30 a week.

email to request item.



Bionic Hearing

My HAUSBELL listening device amplifies the tiniest sound so you can hear your cat if trapped in a shed, garage or other enclosed space you can't access. Get one via Amazon by clicking the picture at right, or rent mine for $10/week. Request item.



The humane trap made for cats

Most traps sold in stores are made for raccoons.  Cats lean over the trip plate and eat without being captured. This trap is made especially for cats in length and shape. But they are often back ordered so Tomahawk cat traps are good option and used by TNR cat trappers across the US. I have and use both. Click pic to order, or rent mine for $20 a week. Request item.


Long range motion alert 

This wireless alarm lets you know if your missing cat is coming to your door at night. Can also be used to montor your trap from 300ft away. The receiver end by your pillow DINGS when your cat's motion sets off it off. 

$5 day, $15/week. Request item.




* All batteries & accessories are included with my lost cat equipment rentals.


DEMO: some of the equipment I use to find missing cats.


You probably won't need all this gear to find your lost cat. Use the book as your guide, or ask me which tools and items are best for your particular cat & situation.





*FTC Disclosure: LCF is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This means if you order an item through the links on this page, Kim receives a few cents as a referral. Only products personally tested and used to find lost cats are recommended.