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Waffles is home after nearly 2 weeks escaped!

Hello Kimberley,

I just wanted to say thank you for your valuable materials and insights about locating my lost cat. "Waffles", my 4 year old indoor (not quite a xenophobic personality, but close) cat, slipped out on October 11.

By the time I found your info (shared on the local "Lost Pets" site), I had already done the usual time suck tasks, posted on social media, distributed flyers in my neighborhood, etc. Waffles is chipped and spayed, but reading your materials I knew I couldn't count on the chip to bring her home!

Now that she's home, I tell everybody I know about the saga of missing Waffles, the joyous reunion, and how much your website and insights helped me. 😀 The lesson I’ve learned from this is that paying a nominal fee for good advice is a thousand times more effective than free YouTube videos and input from well-meaning friends!

The most helpful things for me were: 1) The information about how a cat's personality type (introverts vs extroverts) and status (indoor or outdoor or mixed) affected the range , 2) "Threshold time frames, 3) best times to lure a cat back, 4) the (emotionally) helpful explanation of why she might be frozen" with fear and not responding to my repeated calling and 5) why it's not a good idea to leave food out or walk around a neighborhood calling for my lost cat.

On the 12th day after she escaped, I was overjoyed to see Waffles come up to my deck after using your strategy. And I did not hang around “guarding” the door per your advice!

I made a huge batch of chicken soup, and once again cracked the kitchen window and door while making it. The aroma of chicken was pretty thick! I left most of the chicken simmering on the stove at low heat.. Then around 2 a.m. - A MIRACLE. There she was, tentatively approaching the door!! I went to the top of the stairs and called her! She immediately came bounding up the stairs --WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE how relieved and joyful that reunion was! It makes me tearful remembering of how loudly she was purring! She doesn't like being picked up, but this time she was all too happy to be cuddled all night long.

What a reunion that was…and here’s a picture of Waffles and me, taken this evening, too! 🙂. She’s obviously extremely happy to be home! The purring is nonstop. I’m pretty happy as well ❤️

I wanted to share this positive outcome with you, and how much your materials helped me understand the best way to ensure Waffles' return. She's lost some weight, and gained some ticks, but she is SO GLAD to be home! And she's being spoiled rotten :)

Thank you for your great work and products in helping owners recover lost cats!


Sarah Hulen

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