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Cat Lost in the mountains of Asheville NC for 11 days is found and home!

Monk the indoor only kitty slipped out the door and was missing for days when Lisa's husband found the Lost Cat Finder page.

I am sure you deal with basket cases like me all the time. Please forgive me; just feeling very sad and distraught husband and I have both read your book and watched the video. Such valuable information, yet I’m feeling so discouraged because it’s been 6 1/2 days. Our cat Monk was originally a feral kitten but has been exclusively inside our house for the last 5 months and had never seen the outside of it.

 He escaped through a door that leads onto a deck and then jumped off the deck a full story.

When he escaped, he ran up the back bank behind our house which is extremely wooded. We basically live on a mountain.

It’s been a mild day here in Western North Carolina and the bears have woken up, so Praying for a miracle, 

Kim, Thank you so much for all your advice! you’ve gone above and beyond. You’ll certainly be the first to know when we have him back!

I am overwhelmed with gratitude! MONK IS HOME! I can’t thank you enough for your ideas and suggestions. My prayers have been answered and God truly used you! It’s all so surreal. I am on Cloud 9!

I’m going to refer everyone that I know to get your book and video. I’m part of a large group in Asheville on Facebook so I will definitely be referring them to Lost Cat Finder.  

You are a Godsend! Pictures coming.

Much love and gratitude, 

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