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Cat hiding in couch bailed out and ran during a move

This indoor cat was hiding inside a couch. When the movers took it out, she shot out and over the fence ...

So my sister Kim Freeman is a professional lost cat finder, and she is really, really good. I've seen how scientific and situation-specific her methods are when a cat disappears.
So, when a friend's cat got out, I immediately called my sister for advice. This indoor cat had been hiding inside a couch, and when the movers took it outside, she shot out and over the fence of this yard like a bolt of lightning. It took patience, tactics and faith but the owner followed Kim's strategy, and very thankfully, her cat was recovered within 72 hours.
I guess this is a public service announcement of sorts. My sister is so experienced and passionate in getting cats and their servants/owners reunited, I truly want folks to know about her.
Even if you're not in the Atlanta area, she has assisted lost cat recovery in 48 states and 23 countries over the last ten years.
If you hear about a lost cat, I hope you will let people know about her services should the need arise. Here's her website ( which offers many resources, not the least of which is her.

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