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Lost cat found after 2 years missing

Astra got out right before New Years eve fireworks. She was found two years later.

Astras owner hired me to come search in person the day before the New Years Eve fireworks. Although I did not find Astra right away, I went back each day for a week to see if she was still in the area and combed every yard nearby.

I watched the images of cats being turned into the shelters for months-- long after the owner had given up.
Every few months I would see one that might be Astra and email it to Katherine.

After two years of this, I spotted another cat and this time, Katherine agreed it might be Astra but it had been so long, could she still be alive? The next morning, went to the shelter to confirm it was indeed Astra. Turned out, ASTRA had been transported for miles, way north that day in 2013 when her boyfriend sold his truck to who lived in 30 miles away in north Austin where Astra was found..... in bad shape.

Poor frightened Astra had been sold with the truck that day and despite the owner assuring me he had SEARCHED the truck before selling it, he never checked up in the chassis of the truck where Astra was hiding.

“On the day this cat vanished was any furniture or property removed from the neighborhood? No. My boyfriend sold a truck Saturday but it was after she had been missing all night."

Indoor cat, almost entirely, but would sometimes venture out if we were outside. She did not like to be separated from me by doors, even the bathroom door. When her sister was sick with cancer (2012) I took Lily for leashed or unleashed walks every day, and sometimes Astra would come, but was generally uncooperative—would unexpectedly hide under cars or run up into neighbor yards or into the street even with traffic coming. She liked to eat grass.

He is about 12 ½ year old cat. Female, tabby mix; looked more seal-point mix when younger but as aging looks a little more tortie. Mostly white/cream with tan tabby markings and big blue eyes.

She has gotten out a few times before but never goes far. She does like noise and hides when someone walks by with a dog."

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