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Cat seen falling from vehicle found alive 2 months later!

This orange cat fell out of his owners car as she was driving miles from home. Diane had no idea her cat Wally was napping in her SUV when she left to run an errand. Then suddenly she saw him tumble into the road in her car's tailgate camera.

To her shock, her rearview camera showed an orange blur drop out of the car, tumble in the road and scramble to safety on a nearby street.

Wally was found with the help of the Lost Cat Finder guidance from afar plus help from Austin locals like Shawna who picked dup a lot of my methods when she lost her cat years ago.

Happy ending for all and Wally is home. He did break a leg, and his claws were shredded but he's alive and safely back home!

Here's a note from the cat's owner a month later:

"Wally is doing well. Slowly gaining back the weight he lost. He did break a back leg pretty badly. We think it broke when he fell out of the truck based on how much it had healed by the time he was found 45 days later. I will attach a pic of the x-ray here. All of his nails were really worn down too. I think he must have used them a lot getting out of the sewer drains and worn them down on the concrete.

The vet did talk about possibly having to amputate his broken leg given how awkwardly it healed while he was lost. BUT in the last six weeks he has managed very well with his gimpy leg and we think he just might be able to keep it!! Yay!!

Please tell anyone who loses their cat to not give up! I was close to giving up every week, but I just kept thinking of Wally, out there wondering Why I hadn't come to pick him up yet... so I had to keep trying. Shawna was starting to pull all of the feeders and cameras because there had been no sightings.

It still amazes me that I got him back after 45 days!!!


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