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Cat lost in car wreck found after 6 weeks by pet detective

Cats lost in car wrecks are very stressed but can be found using the right techniques. Background: the owners realized after weeks of searching without a single sighting they needed help. They hired the Lost Cat Finder and two days later, their frightened kitty was found and back home.

'While traveling with our cat Hazel, my son John, was in a horrific car accident. Hazel's carrier was crushed. Luckily, she escaped. As John was being loaded into the ambulance, he saw his cat running across the highway."

After searching for weeks, we hired Kim, the Lost Cat Finder. At last, after 6 long weeks, we finally have our Hazel back home.

I will be telling anyone who loses a cat to call the Lost Cat Finder. I have no doubt that we wouldn't have gotten Hazel back without this expert.

Kim, there's something about you... a calmness and confidence I think that makes the difference. And that even knowing your tips and tricks, we would have struggled and failed. You see things we would overlook every time. You anticipated behavior I would have never thought Hazel would show.

People live in a "YouTube" world where they believe if they watch a video, that means they can do it. You can't "YouTube" experience and instinct. That feeling that tells you where to look is just not something that can be taught.

My family always taught me it's always better to pay a professional and get it done right than screw it up for months, then having to call in a professional anyway lol.

I'm hoping our story will encourage people to bring in the Lost Cat Finder first and not give up!

Forever Grateful,
Tammy & John & Hazel

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