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Custom Consultation (REQUEST)
  • Custom Consultation (REQUEST)

    Book Your Custom Consultation


    Get a custom session with the Lost Cat Finder via phone or Zoom up to 2 hours for $350. Once ordered, you'll receive your Lost Cat Profile worksheet via email. Complete the form using your cat's name and email it directly to Kim at


    Rebate of $50 upon request for owners who email happy reunion photos with their their cat once found!


    *Please note consultations are reserved for those who have already skimmed and employted at least 3 tips from the Lost Cat Kit Materials.






    If you cancel or notify us you have found your cat before your scheduled coaching session, you will be refunded as follows:


    • Notification given 24 hours or more before your scheduled session: 100% refund (less $10 in PayPal fees).
    • Notification of cat found within 24 hours of your scheduled session: 75% refund (less $10 in PayPal fees)
    • Notification of cat found 12 hours or less before your scheduled session: 50% refund (less $10 in PayPal fees)
    • Notification cat has been found <2 hours before your scheduled session: no refund as your time was reserved exclusively for your case at the expense of others.


    If you cancel or notify us your cat has been found prior to a scheduled in-person search, we will refund you as follows:


    48 hours or more before scheduled search: 100% refund (less fees)

    48 hours or less: 75% refund (less fees)

    24 hours or less of scheduled search time: 50% refund (less fees)

    Day of scheduled search: no refunds.

    • * email for booking availability

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