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Cat lost in car crash found after 6 weeks

Hazel the cat's carrier broke in a car wreck. Helpless and injured, the owner saw her running across highway as he was loaded into an ambulance.

"While traveling with our cat Hazel, my son John, was in a horrific car accident. Hazel's carrier was crushed.  As John was being loaded into the ambulance, he saw his cat running across the highway. 

For 6 weeks, we tried going door to door and posting on FB and hanging up flyers and calling vets. All the usual "how to find a lost cat" stuff.
After weeks of no sightings of her, we assumed the worst. Then my son found Kim's Lost Cat Finder website. After talking to her, he hired her to come help us. She showed up with cameras and lots of other equipment. She calmed our fears and reassured us it was not too late. She explained lost cat behavior and that even though Hazel probably heard us calling her, she was in "survival mode" and wouldn't come out. Being lost so far from home after a terrible car wreck was also a big factor.

Kim anticipated behavior we would have never thought Hazel would show. 
There's something special about Kim... a calmness and confidence in her approach that makes a difference. Even if we had known all her tips and tricks, we would have struggled and failed. Kim sees things we
would have overlook every time. 
People in this "YouTube" world seem to believe if they watch a video about "how to Find a Lost Cat" they can do it. But you can't "YouTube" experience and instinct. 
My family always taught me it's always better to pay a professional and get it done right than screw it up for months, then have to bring in a pro anyway. I'm hoping our story will encourage people to contact Kim ifor help early and not give up!
I will be telling anyone who loses a cat to call Lost Cat Finder. I have no doubt that we would not have gotten Hazel back home without this expert. 
Kim brought our family back together."

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