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With over 10 years of full–time cat detective experience and thousands of missing cats recovered all over the world, I know how to get a lost cat found.


Explore these service options to get my help for your lost cat.

The Lost Cat Kit

The Lost Cat Kit

This full set of materials gives you the latest lost cat tips & strategies so you can get your kitty found fast. The Lost Cat Kit includes a How-to search guide, video tutorial, easy templates for smarter lost cat posters & flyers, even a demo on how to use the tools and high-tech gear for finding a missing cat.

Save yourself the time, mistakes and heartbreaking setbacks from using random armchair expert advice. These are proven methods tested and refined after over 10 years of real-world lost cat cases.

Lost Cat Finder  Custom Consultation Session

Lost Cat Finder Custom Consultation Session

Get expert advice with a custom strategy via a 2 hour live Zoom consultation.

Session includes Lost Cat Profiling with 2 hour prep before consult, access to the Lost cat Finder's personal hotline 24/7 plus unlimited follow-up for questions, guidance and support.

Book a personal session for custom advice from the pet detective for lost cats now.

Live Search & Rescue with the Lost Cat Finder

Live Search & Rescue with the Lost Cat Finder

Book an in-person search with the Cat Detective for live Boots-on-the- ground lost cat search & rescue.

The Lost Cat Finder comes to you with key gear and experience to find your lost cat, wherever they may be. Your lost cat search will include both tracking, assessing clues, interviewing neighbors, and creating luring plans based on evidence and geographic probability. No stone left unturned to find your missing kitty.

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