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With years of full-time lost cat recovery experience and hundreds of lost kitties found, I know how to find a missing cat. How would you like me to help you?


  1. Download my new 2020 Search Guide, How to Find a Lost Cat.

  2. Request a Custom Consult based on your specific lost cat situation.

  3. Request a professional boots-on-the-ground in-person search. 


Increase the chances of recovering your missing cat. Use my smart new methods that get lost kitties recovered in the quickest way possible, even under the current challenging conditions.


Find your lost cat using pet detective t

Can't sleep? Learn new ways to find your missing cat.


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Maybe you've already tried the typical "lost cat advice" like putting out food, a kitty litter box, calling and shaking treats. As you've seen, these old myths don't work.


You need new strategies based on scientific proof, tested in the real world, and refined for each of the four different cat personalities.

"How to Find a Lost Cat" is based on this new approach. My newly updated 2020 Search Guide gives you the quick lowdown on which of lost cat finder techniques to use on your cat.

This new edition of "How to Find a Lost Cat" also has a special chapter on how to search during the Coronavirus quarantine so you know how to deal with the challenges of shelters being closed and neighbors not answering their door.


 Try my methods. With my Lost Cat Search TIps guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Custom coaching on your lost cat case

If you're looking for expert help personalized to your lost cat case, I need details on your cat's age and situation, such as, indoor cat only or outside access along with key personality and preferences. I need to know your cat to give you a strategy that will work for your cat. There is no cookie-cutter lost cat advice and if anyone tries to give you their cut& paste one size fits all template, beware.

Your cat's profile will mean specific advice just for your situation and cat. Complete this questionnaire and include a photo of your cat, ideally a side view, sitting, standing, or walking.

NOTE: Cases are taken in order of profiling receipt, so click here to see if anyone is currently in line ahead of you. 


Your profile analysis and strategy plan can be handled by phone, email, or ZOOM, whatever your preference.

3. Live, boots-on-the-ground SEARCH & RESCUE 

In-person Lost Cat Search & Rescue cases are $250 for local area searches (Stone Mountain and Decatur). This includes lost cat flyers, posters, and up to 3 hours of my boots-on-the-ground search time using all equipment necessary to get your lost cat found. 


Depending on what you need, this plan covers the detailed search for clues as well as tracking clues, Interviews with neighbors,  distributing lost cat flyers, weatherproof "lost cat posters" and even door-to-door searches of neighboring yards, garages and sheds to find your lost cat. No stone left unturned using my time, experience, and equipment to find your missing cat.


Please call 404 996-0116 for details

before booking an in-person search.

Yes, I do fly out to other states to find lost cats. However, my search fee for cases beyond 30 miles of Atlanta covers each day away from home. Please note that the search fee does not include airfare or expenses. Contact me for details and an estimate.


To inquire about pet detective service in any of these 35 states, email me at this address. Note, my "lost pet tracking dog" is a cat. Henry is trained to track cat scent and joins me only on escaped indoor cat cases if hired within 48 hours missing. More info on Henry "the lost cat finder" tracking cat is featured in the 2020 issue of CATSTER magazine.

Lost Cat Finder pet detective services are available in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Virginia, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oregon, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Wyoming

Lost Cat Finder pet detective services available IN MOST US states w/travel outside the United States accepted on an individual case basis.

Who needs a lost pet tracking dog when you can get a tracking cat?
Meet Henry


Confirm availability before booking an in-person search.

Note: in-person searches are 500/day rate depending on location and travel time.

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"Getting lost cats back home since 2012."
Kim Freeman, Lost Cat Finder

Kim the Lost Cat Finder and Henry, the trained Search cat featured in Catster magazine, 2020.