Lost cat found - hiding in a hole on a cliff!


Paula the cat escaped her carrier in the parking lot of Tracy's apartment complex.


Even worse, she ran into the greenbelt which is an immense expanse of wild coyote territory and cliffs. But Tracy had three people in Austin advise her to call me (the Lost Cat Finder) and I got there around 3:00 - just before the impending hail storm with my savvy and helpful snake wrangler friend, Ruthann Panipinto.

Based on Paula's escape and direction of travel, I went to the edge of the cliff facing the apartments and looked around, imagining myself as Paula, the frightened cat. 

That's when I saw it: a hole just before the edge of the cliff. On closer inspection, I found three white hairs clinging to a branch in front of the hole. AHA! I ran to my truck to get my Bionic Ear Hearing device, a can of tuna, and the borescope, but all we really needed was Tracy's voice and scent.

Paula the lost cat was very deep in the hole, but came closer when she heard Tracy talking to her with love and patience. With a little time alone, Paula was coming out slowly. I tried to film the moment when she emerged and Tracy wrapped her in the recovery blanket, but Paula was too shy and so I backed off to give them space.

Once I stepped away, Paula came out and Tracy knew what to do -- she swung into action with a kitty burrito wrap and scruffed Paula with a grip of steel!

Ruthann was on the stairs as the Scout Standby guard and was ready to get the door to the house open for Tracy to quickly pass through.

All went perfectly and little lost cat Paula Deen is home!!!!


From Tracy...


"When Paula escaped, I was too panicked and upset to find her on my own.


Without Kim's help, I'm not sure how long Paula would have made it due to needing daily meds and having a compromised immune system.


I was blown away with how much equipment and tracking skills went into the job, and beyond thankful she came to the rescue in record time despite the weather conditions.


Kimberley truly saved the day. Thanks to her, my little family is back together."

Tracy Lara

Austin, Texas

© 2012 - 2020 by Kim Freeman

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