"Slater is HOME!"


After Slater the cat slipped out the door, Christine and the kids were frantic to find him before the Austin floods hit. After a week of searching, a neighbor told them to get in touch with me. She could not afford an in-person search, so she got my instant download booklet and found Slater on day 11 and sent this note.



Sharing the news...


"Hey Kim! We found Slater!


I'm thrilled and the kids are so happy! Even Slater looks like he's smiling today!


 After we got him home, he was wandering and meowing around the house like he was confused for a while but then stopped. He was so skinny after being gone so long and gulped down a can of food super fast.


He is now cuddled up with my kids on the couch.


The good news is he isn't injured -- no scratches-- not even roughed up. So somehow, he was able to survive in storms, thunder and flash flooding during 11 nights away from home.


Thank you for all your great advice and support through this ordeal!


Slater is HOME!"




Christine, in Austin (Oak Hill) TX

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