Balinese cat found with cat detective advice after search dogs failed.

Hey Kim! 


I can't tell you how much great info we got from your book,

we couldn't have done this without it. 


I will be recommending it to every cat owner even if their cat is not lost yet as a preventative measure. 


Very grateful for your work.

Regarding lost pet finder search dogs. Bad idea. We did not think it through. Our cat is scared of dogs and not only did they not find out cat, as they claimed to catch his scent 3 blocks away then "lost the scent."


This was discouraging to say the least, plus having to broaden our search like that when he was still close by. Maybe the sniffer dogs picked up a different cat, but it was time and money wasted.

Thank you for being a lost cat expert and the useful info in your booklet and video.

Our found cat is living proof it works!


Ryan & Cindy & Layke

Voice & Artist Development




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