We found our lost cat in Decatur, GA within 6 hours w help from Kim, the Atlanta pet detective!"

Great news from Poptart's relieved guardians!

July 4th fireworks are legal in Atlanta and POPTART the cat could not have picked a worse time to escape her house in Decatur!


Below  is the note from the very stressed owners Eric and Kendra. They were skeptical, but as Eric says, a pessimist is never disappointed! They requested my in-person lost cat profiling advice. 


Since I have a broken ankle, I sent him home with two bags and a case of tools. Despite being exhausted from  no sleep, worry and searching, he followed all my advice and had their beloved POPTART home within 6 hours!


"Kim, THIS is Poptart. YOU brought her back home 🤗


Check out this live photo with her son Oatmeal after she got her welcome home meal!

Here's what happened after I left your house... came home, I did everything as instructed: installed the chain, positioned the cam, closed off the rooms house...everything. 


Kendra came home depressed. She and I went through the bag of tools you loaned me. She went to bed to watch your video and fell asleep. 


About 2 am (as you predicted) the alarm went off! Kendra went down stairs to the condemned basement, exited, and then shut the door from the outside (there's a tip you could share!). 

Poptart was a little wet and there are tiny tufts of fur missing.  She also has a scrape on her lip, so she's not as pretty as before :) 


 Oatmeal was thrilled! 


Honestly, I can't believe it worked, but, darn it, you were right.  Text book. 


Borderline unbelievable.  

Thank you.  

Thank you so much.

Eric & Kendra

Decatur, Georgia



© 2012 - 2020 by Kim Freeman

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