Baby Bleu: found after 9 days


After days of searching, putting up flyers and visiting shelters, Monica heard about my "How to Find a Lost Cat" video and found her kitty an hour later! Bleu was very happy to be home and back on the comfy bed.


Here's Monica's story...



"Hi Kim, my 8-month old kitty Blue was missing for 9 days and I had  no idea else to do. I posted on Craigslist, put up fliers, went door to door, filed reports at all of the local shelters, searched day and night and was  so scared. 


About an hour after I watched your How to video, I found her! I followed your steps and found her hiding under a nearby neighbors deck, where I could not see. I have never been more happy to see my baby! 


I just had tunnel vision when I finally saw my baby so fragile and thin, she looked at me and meowed, I started sobbing uncontrollably. I wish my boyfriend took a video!! Now I look at her every morning and thank god she is home.


 I was out all day everyday 9 days straight looking for her calling her name, shaking her food bag, jingling bells. Nothing worked until your advice.

Thank you so much! I could tell she was happy to come home, the second I brought her inside she knew where she was. My dogs were also happy to see her, and my brother was ecstatic! She was very hungry, I fed her the second I got her inside and she was purring away.  This is her!!


Monica Marrero

Miami, Florida



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