"My missing Mitzi"


Andrew called from California in despair about his cat getting out but not sure how.  I encouraged him to check out my book and video, but he also wanted more personal help with step by step directions. We made up a recovery plan on the phone and he had Mitzi home by midnight!


Andrew was so happy and grateful, he asked me to post this "testimonial in hopes of advising others...


"Our cat Mitzi ran away when I accidently left a door open. Me and my family panicked at first and eventually became very very sad.

While searching on Google for ways to recover a lost cat, we came across Kim of LOST CAT FINDER. Kim was featured in a Cat Fancy article and had several appearances on the news. It was her client testimonials that attracted our attention most. Plus she had more found more cats than pet detecitve in the country.

Her materials and consultations will make you look at finding a lost cat in a whole new light. I have to say... at first I was skeptical and thought LOST CAT FINDER was like any pet alert scam ... but NO! Kim's service is very scientific in creating a plan to recover your cat based on his or her personality. I learned not all cats behave the same when lost, and it really depends on the personality type that will determine the right  plan of action to recover your cat.

I got a consultation over the phone that was extremely valuable in discussing a strategy to find our cat.. Kim is an expert with the advice she provides and she will walk you through the whole process so you won't have to feel alone during such a sad time...Even though she was hundreds of miles away, it felt like she was physically there with me every step of the way. I even made a video to show her the area.

I recommend purchasing the e-book first before you have the phone consultation. The book is a very short read and it can be read in max 1 hour. You will waste your precious time liek I did if you do not read the book before you have a consultation or action plan! You must follow all directions and DO what the book (or Kim) suggests... 

Besides being smart and a great help, Kim is a warm and kind person to deal with ...and she's especially patient! She's lost a cat before in the past so she could totally relate to my crazy emotions.

I was so doubtful of ever finding our lost cat until I learned Kim's techniques. Her stuff is totally unlike any other material I could find on the internet. I read testimonials on her Website and wondered why people were saying her advice and techniques were opposite of what most people do.... but now I get it. The science makes sense and it works! I got Mizti home within a few hours of setting up Kim's plan. This cat expert knows her stuff! I will be recommending her to all cat owners I know!"



Andrew Shin

Montrose, California

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