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Cat lost in Beverly Hills, CA found with pet detective coaching.

Another lost cat happy reunion as a result of my long-distance pet detective tips! This Beverly Hills kitty slipped out an open door on October 15th. His owner, the beautiful Rainbeau Mars asked me to fly to LA to do my in-person lost cat search & rescue.


Since last-minute airfare to LA was over $1200, I suggested that she try my Lost Cat profiling & coaching first. I knew she could do this on her own with a little guidance -- and for way less $$$ than it would cost her to fly me out in person.


We made a strategy, a to-do list and talked on the phone. I was beginning to make plans to go out there in person -- until last night when Rainbeau called to tell me Oliver was home! 


I LOVE that this woman slept in her garage for her Oliver. THAT is some serious dedication :-) AND it worked -- he came in and woke her up at 5am!


Here are some reunion photos with Rainbeau still in her pajamas and still looking like a CA movie star even first thing in the  Happy homecoming, Oliver Blue!


A note from Rainbeau:

      Rainbeau Mars

      Actress & author
      Beverly Hills, California