Lost cat rescued from a drain tunnel after a week missing

Lost cat found in a drain tunnel.


Shenwen's kitty Taro slipped out of her apartment in March. She called me to come help on day 5. It took 2 more days of searching and distracting false sightings before finding him -- hiding in a storm drain tunnel, wet and crying. 

We got a fireman to pull up the grate grill, but Taro would not come out depsite the open can of tuna and Shenwen calling him. When I heard a slight jingle at the other end of the tunnel in the corner of the parking lot, I called Shenwen down so she could get in place. We set up towels, my recovery bin, and I had Shewen park close by with passenger door open so she could jump in with kitty fast. It worked! 

Taro is now safely back home, dry and showered in lots of Shenwen love.

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