"Zeroing in on Zoey"


After a week of searching, Deb called me in to find her distressed daughter's missing cat Zoey. She was out at a meeting when I arrived, but that's okay: Sometimes I work best alone-- as in this case: I found frightened Zoey within 20 minutes of arriving on the scene.


Here's Deb to tell the story...


"My daughter’s cat, Zoey disappeared while visiting last summer. We searched for days before calling the Lost Cat Finder. Kim came out and found her in just 20 minutes. Amazing!


Last summer my daughter was leaving to spend the summer in Oregon. She brought her cat, Zoey to stay at my house while she was gone.


Monday morning, when we were leaving for the airport, we could not find Zoey.  We looked, called, walked my yard and the neighborhood.. no Zoey.   


On Tuesday, I was looking for lost cat hints on the internet and saw that Austin was home to a Pet Detective.  I clicked the link to the Pet Detective website and contacted Kim, filled out a questionnaire about Zoey, her habits and our neighborhood.  On Wednesday, Kim arrived at my house, and within 20 minutes, I got the call that she had found Zoey!


Kim had deduced that Zoey had gone under my backyard fence.. she found calico hair on the bottom edge leading to my neighbors dog yard... deduced that Zoey would have fled to the east to get away. She followed the trail to find Zoey across a ditch and hiding under the tire of a parked trailer, surviving off sprinkler water. Kim was able to lure her out with her trademark towel, eye blinks and treat clicks and was waiting with her in my driveway when I got home. 


After all our searching, Kim zeroed in on Zoey in 20 minutes. She is truly a Cat Detective."


Deborah Wiley, EA, MBA

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