Lost cat finder coaches Chapel Hill family to recover escaped indoor cat.

Kleenex Alert! get ready for a very happy reunion story

"Dear Kim: Words cannot express how thankful my husband and I are to you for the invaluable instructions we received from reading your book.


On Easter Sunday at 2pm, our little boy, Merry, escaped out our front door. He's our indoor only cat with “back porch” privileges— but he wanted to sit by the front door on Sunday, which had somehow not gotten entirely pulled shut. Neither of us saw it happen, but we heard a loud BANG when the door slammed shut! We ran to see only our other cat, Pippin, (Merry’s twin brother), sitting calm-as-you-like and looking outside.


Craig and I spent the next hours until dark scouring our townhouse neighborhood, looking everywhere we could think of. But I am kicking myself now because we made mistakes that first night based on “advice” from online forums. That first day, we walked all over the neighborhood shaking a treat bag and calling his name. We also left out plates of wet food on our front and back porch. Needless to say, we didn’t find him— but did lure in two other cats who were very eager to eat the food.




That night, we sat vigil by the front and back doors and left all the lights on. I know that if we had had your advice, he would have come back to us on that first night. If only!




After sleeping for maybe one hour at most, we spent all of Monday searching. Our townhouses have tiny crawlspaces under the decks we could not see into so we needed to get a humane trap. While Craig went to find one, I searched online for more “serious” advice— and found your website. I read all the testimonial stories— crying the entire time— and thankfully decided to buy your booklet. I devoured it and decided then and there to follow your advice to the letter.


I immediately went and brought in all the food we had set out, cleaned up all the litter we spread around the deck and front steps, and set up our trap exactly as you described.


We locked Pippin in our bedroom and went out searching. As darkness fell, we set up camp by the back door, assuming that if he came back, he would come through the back door. I put fresh kibble in his usual spot, and went to rest for a couple of hours with Pippin.




At 2am, I woke up to a loud crash. I thought the humane trap had been set off, so I started to get up to check on it. But before I could even get downstairs, Craig swung open the bedroom door holding something. “He’s home!” it took me a sec to register he was holding Merry. I cried, he cried, both cats cried— it was the best moment of our lives.


We are still in complete shock. He is acting completely normal, though meowing to go outside more than normal— but that is not happening for a while!


His brother, Pippin, is not entirely sure about him just yet— so we took your advice about the pet wipes. Otherwise, everything is back to normal, and I am convinced this is entirely due to the instructions in your book. Craig and I are so grateful to you! Thank you so much!!!!




I apologize, I wrote you a novel! But I just felt I had to tell you everything. Your instructions and advice really saved Merry, and I wanted you to know that! I am still overcome with all sorts of emotions.


The loud crash was actually Craig— after he saw Merry peeking around the couch, he sat up slowly and Merry walked right over to him. So Craig grabbed him tight and picked him up. It’s a surprise that Merry didn’t bolt or squirm away (he usually doesn’t tolerate it!) but Craig says he was actually good about being held -- and all the way up the stairs to me and Pippin!


Again, thank you. There are no words to express our gratitude and happiness! I don’t know how owners do this for weeks on end— these 36 hours were the worst hours of our lives. But honestly, there is no comparison to the feeling of seeing his little face again. It feels like a dream! Thank you for giving us our Merry back— it’s the best gift we’ve ever received!"


With hearts full of gratitude,


Ashley, Craig, Merry & Pippin

Chapel Hill, NC


© 2012 - 2020 by Kim Freeman

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