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This lost pet tracking bloodhound is a cat.

Meet Henry, the Search Cat

When I trained to be a pet detective, I wanted to do it all: run behind a trained lost pet K9 tracking Bloodhound, find escaped cats and dogs who were missing in the wilderness--even horses who'd escaped into the hills.


But something happened to change my plan in 2008: I lost my own cat, Mister Purr. 


I experienced firsthand how it feels to have a lost cat and practically zero support. I realized how desperately actual scientific lost cat info was needed.


Yes, there are pet detectives who track missing dogs in several states. But cats need special techniques. And their owners need at least as much if not more emotional support that dog owners get.



After reading a study about the tiny number of cats found by K9 tracking dogs, I realized a bloodhound was not the solution it seemed.


No cat in his right mind would let a dog walk up to him.


For a cat stuck in a shed, yes, but anyone with a flashlight and ears can find a trapped cat. 


Then one day, at a Jackson Galaxy adoption event in Austin Texas, I met Henry. He was in a purple harness, lounging on a grassy knoll watching people and dogs stroll by. A perfect combination of fearless and curious.


I started training him on New Year's Day, 2014 to follow a trail. He took to it so fast, I wondered if he'd been waiting for a job those 2 years he spent in the Lifelong Friends animal shelter.


So now, Henry is a rescue cat who rescues cats. He's also a very friendly clown cat who makes me laugh every day.



Say hello to Henry!



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