After 26 days, Downy the lost cat is found!

Downy escaped when some relatives were in town from Dallas visiting and his owners contacted me for help. 


Danielle was one of the best organized owners I've ever worked with and kept a dteailed map throughout. Only when I suggested they start checking along the route her guests took when leaving in the car that was parked near the escape point did they finally get a sighting after weeks of intense searching. 26 days without a single sighting and then with careful planning, 24 hours later he was home!



note from Danielle:


"You are truly amazing! I seriously could not have found Downy without your help. 

We are so, so happy to have him home where he belongs. We couldn't have done it without you.


Thank you again for the excellent and detailed advice, and for keeping us encouraged along the way!

Here is a picture of Downy and me taken this morning. He is doing very well and has made a full recovery from his 26 days outside.

Thanks again for everything! 

-Danielle & Seth AND Downy in Georgia


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