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"She was wearing a non-breakaway collar when she got out. It somehow got under her front leg and rubbed her raw.

I got her found and to the vet just in time.


Thanks again, Lost Cat Finder. You do good thinks for this world and not many do."

After 4 weeks lost in the mountains, Ira contacted me from Wisconsin to help him find Rosie, his missing cat. His dedication to following through and taking action saved her life.

Here's his story...

"Rosie is found! 4 weeks. I can hardly believe it.


Her collar was stuck around her leg...and she smells BAD really BAD."

"She was wearing a NON-breakaway collar when she got out. It somehow got under her front leg.


I was able to make the detrmination of GANGRENE by the SMELL. I've read about Gangrene in my war books, never seen it in 35 years. Sickly sweet bad smell, if you ever smell it. you will not forget."

She also had some nasty deer ticks. 

Sure am glad to see that little face back and she will be fine. Operation Tuesday to close wound.


She’ll be staying at vet until operation finished and ok. No loss of limb either. 

Bottom line is...

1. we are lucky. another three days and she would have been dead 

2. your ideas are super. Had I not used them..who knows?

3. Use everything you have in the arsenal. I waited too long to contact serious help (you).


Anything I can do to help, or in any way any of this info helps others, please fell free to use it. After all, it was not until I contacted YOU that I had serious, positive input, then the next night she was saved.

On my land I have seen bears, bald eagles in the hundreds, bobcats, turkeys by the dozens, deer, raccoons, opossums, dozens of birds.

How did she stay out there in the woods for 28 days? 

Her leg of course was very bad, in fact my guess is that she had less than 48 hours left."

Thanks again, Lost Cat Finder. You do good things for this world and not many do.


Not many things in life work out ok., I am observing not complaining. This one did and I am glad.

After 4 weeks lost in the wilderness, Rosie is alive! 

AlIRA (and Rosie)

Rougies Mountain, WI

Lost cat found in Wisconsin in time to save her life.