"Your info worked to find my lost cat here in Latvia!!"

This extreme long-distance case in Latvia (near Lithuania) illustrates a lesson from my "Lost cat Tips" book: just because a neighbor's shed hasn't been open in months does NOT mean your cat isn't stuck inside.


Here's the story from the owner:


"Dar Kim, Thank you for very practical advice but also emotional support overseas.


We followed the steps outlined in your book and it worked! Our cat was locked in a neighbor's tool house after jumping into a hole over the door and unable to get out.


I attach the photos of the shed (he sneaked in through the opening above the door) a the map of distance from our house to the shed less than 100 m.


Once again, thank you so much for your care and attention. This is really your professional calling, and I appreciate you do this to help others in desperate times."

Good luck with your blessed work,


Linda Bluma Riga, Latvia

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