Gerald the cat found in downtown Marfa, Texas.

Here's a crazy lost cat recovery story...This little cat rode to town on the roof of a van!


Gerald the cat ended up in downtown Marfa, Texas for Music Night at the St. George Hotel.


His owner called in a panic asking me what to do, and asked whether he'd possibly come home on his own. I told her yes, a small percentage do make it all the way home. It was possible, I said, but let's cover every base. We did posters, a stake-out near Saturday's sighting, and even night vision cameras. Guess what? Six days later, at 8am Gerald hopped through the window Ylana had left open just in time for breakfast.


Super happy ending for all!


So, how did Ylana know Gerald got a ride into town? One of the neighbors reported it on NextDoor: "Just saw big orange cat riding a van through town."


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