"A pet detective found our son's cat!"


After a month of searching, putting up flyers and visiting shelters, our son had given up. As a last resort, we hired Kim Freeman, the Lost Cat Finder.

When our son Monte lost his cat, we were all devastated.  We tried everything we could think of to find him.  It felt overwhelming. 


My son had gave up and went into depression throwing away all of his cats things. After a month, I saw Kim Freeman’s website, lostcatfinder.com and decided we needed a professional approach. 


Kim met us at Monte's apartment in Austin with maps and a plan.  I was disorganized, my husband was skeptical and our son was depressed and grieving.

Under Kim’s lead we interviewed neighbors far beyond the apartment complex where our son lives because Kim thought that The General would be attracted to that direction.

After we searched backyards. Kim put up giant orange "Lost Cat posters" offering a reward.  Two days later, Monte got a call so Kim came back to Austin to follow up. She actually spotted The General near a poster she had put up but we couldn’t get close to him.

Kim scouted for the right area to set a humane trap and showed us all the little details of how to place it and secure it and little tricks of the trade we did not know.  On the second night, The General was captured!

After 38 days Monte and The General were reunited! 


The General has been a part of our family for nine years.  I can’t describe how upset and stressed we were during the time when he was gone. 


Having him back feels like a miracle.  A miracle that would not have happened without Kim’s dedication and advice.


Our family will always be so grateful to Kim the Lost Cat Finder!

-- Bill and Bonnie Blum, Texas


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