This lost cat found can hardly believe he's back home with the two laps he loves most!

aAfter 34 days lost, Simba cannot decide which lap to be on! No matter which it is, he has to keep touching them both. 

"About the name of my veterinary clinic, I should tell you something about my history.


My vet office in Spain, its name is "Es cau d'en Pinxo" named after my childhood dog who was the best friend."

Veterinarian in Spain gets lost cat found help from US pet detective.

Simba was found after 34 days missing. He fell off Irene's balcony in Girona, Spain (which is near Barcelona).  Dr. Irene is a veterinarian there, and after she read my e-book on search procedure, she wrote me this note:


Dear Kim...


"Sorry for my bad English. I started learning German and forgot everything about English. 


"Once we at last found Simba, Jack, my dog (an Argentine Dogo) recognized as soon as inside door, and started licking him all over! We stopped Jack from it, but Simba began crying to Jack with no sound. He wanted his attention!

Bagheera (other cat) was like she wasn't believing what was going on...then she began doing some strange things... like lying on the floor with her belly up-side, then they started with giving each other "cat kisses". 


Simba has no strong voice back yet, he sometimes says something you can hear, but most of times he tries and there's no sound coming out.


He must be hoarse from crying for a month lost and now he is so skinny."

"Before he was missing, Jack slept with us in bed and Simba was always looking for high places.


Now, Simba wants to be in contact with us all the time, If he is on my my boyfriend's lap, he will be reaching to touch me. When he is on my belly, he wants to touch him."

He is a little injured in the pad and limping maybe from the fall off balcony, and scared about street.


He lost near two kilos but he is eating fine.

Thank you for everything! One month of help to find Simba!

I am sending you some pics and videos.

Irene Vehi
Girona, Spain

Irene added this note later,

"I lost Simba on 05/05/16, and only discovered you on 05/14/2016, so I was doing the searching all wrong for at least 9 days.


It's so stupid and sad that even though I am a vet in Spain, I never knew about you and your methods, so I didn't search properly for my baby in early days.


Also shameful in Spain we study 5 years to become vets, but they teach us so little about cat behaviour. There is only one Chapter about normal cat behaviour and one about problems (while there are 4 Chapters about dog behaviour). Nothing about lost cat behavior at all!"

Thank you for teaching me to find my lost cat Simba!

Irene Vehi
Girona, Spain

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